Forza 7 crashes immediately after the first window opens when prompting it to start.

As the subject states. I have tried the pushtoinstall service fix but still won’t work. Have also checked everything is up to date(Game, driver, windows). The game worked fine until I installed the latest windows update. I have also uninstalled and reinstalled the game.

Anyone able to assist further?
Thanks in advance.

same issue here…

I purchased subject game a couple of months ago, been playing with no issues until today May 19, 2018.

Game keeps crashing on startup…many attempts. Rebooted PC many times…game simply won’t load.

Appreciate any assistance…


I’ve had this problem since some time in April and have tried a number of tricks to fix it, without any luck. Since it’s not acknowledged, I assume it will never be fixed. Not that I’ve been playing much or at all lately, but it’s a bit strange that a game I bought, simply doesn’t work anymore.

Do you guys ever look at existing posts. Ever??? I must of posted this 30 times. Nitro Glitter has acknowledged this at least 30 times. Soy has acknowledged this. as well. You guys are the worst PC gamers in history. Not the first game in the world to have issues and btw it’s the store not the game. The weather app or any windows store app can have the same issue, Try google.

Now there are multiple causes so it may take a little effort of your part

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Firstly, there’s no post on the first 2 pages where this problem is officially recognized, it’s just YOU pretending to be an expert. You’re ASSUMING that you know exactly what the problem is, while in reality you have absolutely no clue what you’re talking about. I’ve tried all those things, and more. Did you even read that thread you linked, which by the way is from 2015? It’s FULL of people saying these suggested solutions did NOT work, and they are raging about this problem what won’t go away, cursing Microsofts broken software. Really funny how you don’t bother reading the advice you’re posting. You know, ASSUME makes an ASS out of U, not ME. And you dare berate and insult people who experience this problem when you have no fricking clue how to solve it – how about you stop pretending to be an Internet big-shot and crawl back into the damp hole you came from? (AKA your mom’s basement). Shoo! Stop wasting people’s time with your nonsense and your arrogance!

I don’t have this problem buddy. I did with the weather and a few others before H3 even came out and once I properly changed the permissions it never happened again. It took awhile to figure out what was going on but I did figure it out for my PC. I gave you multiple causes and solutions in that thread. It may be old but still relevant. My PC version works just fine and you are blind if you can’t find the existing posts about this. I am an expert, I’ve been working in IT for 18 years and a PC gamer my entire life. I was loading games off a tape drive before you were born. Any tech forum is like that because each PC is differently setup and has different software running. There is not a one all fix for this. Just because it worked for someone else does not mean anything, you have to troubleshoot YOUR PC. The profanity is not necessary. It takes time and effort and many people have had the permissions fix work for them when all else failed. I can’t read your mind, I don’t know what a number of tricks means or what they are. A+ and MCSE certified years ago plus I’ve learned more from experience than any class could have taught me.

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I had the game closing right after the splash screen Turned out to be the store issue/push to install stuff. Was easily fixed. Then after the newest creators update it started crashing again. I needed to update my nvidia drivers. Now one point I would like to make and why so many companies are shying away from the pc gaming market. most people’s pc’s are jacked up in some way, and before you say it, I don’t care how many other games work fine on your pc. It irrelevant to this discussion. Given that fact that Forza 7 works fine on 1000’s of other user’s pc’s its probably an issue with your particular systems. Not something a game developer could possibly troubleshoot or fix for you. Make sure you have the latest drivers for all your hardware, make sure you have the latest BIOS update. Beyond that, you need to post your hardware, pc issues are almost always OS or driver related…