Forza 7 copyright hits when posting videos.

I post a LOT of racing videos on YouTube and have never had a copyright strike on anything I have posted. Until today. I posted a video profiling the new 2017 #92 Porsche GT Team 911 RSR and got a strike on some music in the walk-a-round from “Kaven Cohen, Michael Neilson - Sucker Punch” as a sound recording administered by Believe Music. As a result I had to pull my video, spend another few minutes re-editing it and have now turned OFF all in game music to avoid a second strike on my channel. I just don’t want even something considered ambient to become an issue at this point.

I’m not so much angry as I am curious if anyone else has had any issues with any Forza game and the background music becoming a copyright issue. I have posted videos back to the beginning of Forza 5, Horizon’s 2 and as I said, this is my first…and last…music conflict with the game. Now that I am aware of potential issues I will be dubbing OUT the Forza music and find copyright free music to replace it with. It’s a shame that Turn 10 couldn’t have done that for us but I guess this is something new with Forza Motorsports 7.

I personally think video game companies are shooting themselves in the foot by doing such. It’s free advertising for the game. It’s just nonsense that they are kind of lumping video game footage in with movie copyright protections.

I’m pretty sure this has nothing to do with game companies and everything to do with record labels who actually own the music. Youtube tests every video upload against a database of music and any hits come up, it gets copyright flagged unless you have the permission to use it.

This is normal on youtube and effects far more videos than Forza vids.

The fact you haven’t been flagged previously is more down to luck, it could be that the music has been so low that it hasn’t registered. The advice for anyone uploading footage of games with licenesed music is always to turn the music off in game.
It has been this way for years.

What is it exactly you expect Turn 10 to do. It is not their concern to make the game with copyright free music just so you can upload a video to youtube. I don’t understand what you think they have done wrong here. And it is not just Forza 7, if you do this with any other Forza game, you will have the same issue.

If you have complaints you should probably direct them to youtube and the compnay that owns the music.


Exactly, this has been a long running issue with regards to video games; and part of the reason most people who upload videos turn all in game music off. It is nothing to do with the game dev, as they license the music from somewhere in most cases; and those places hold the rights to the audio. Usually the record label, as you stated.

This is quite correct. To put it into simplified terms, Turn 10 go to a third party to ask for licensed music tracks that they can use in game. Music tracks are supplied and Turn 10 pay for them. By sharing any content that is subject to copyright, you are violating the IP rights of the artist and the publisher(s). Some publishers aren’t too bothered about it, as it’s free advertising, where as other publishers can be really anal and will issue YouTube with a take-down notice. If the copyrighted material is shared from an unauthorised/unlicensed source, YouTube have no choice but to comply.

If you read all of the small print on pretty much any game, it will say that everything included in the game, from the likenesses of cars, to logos and even the soundtrack are all protected by copyright law, and unauthorised copying, sharing, lending or broadcasting is prohibited. If you posted an in-game video of you taking a BMW M4 hooning around and crashing into all and sundry, and BMW didn’t like it they could also quite legally issue a take-down notice which YouTube would have to comply with. So theoretically, because all of the in-game content is licensed, pretty much anyone that owns the IP can issue a take-down notice if they don’t like anything you posted online, not just the makers of the game.

Was it blocked and you were you given the takedown notice or were you given a list of options with one being you acknowledge you do not have ownership of the audio? There is a difference.

In most of the cases with copyrighted material - including the signage on tracks, music, and even the vehicles themselves - licensing or “used under agreement with . . .” goes to either Microsoft itself or Microsoft Studios, which wholly owns Turn 10 Studios. The developers only use what is licensed by various agreements to their “owner” and not directly to Turn 10 itself.

did you get a strike or a content ID claim?
content ID claims aren’t strikes btw they just put advertisements on your video and you cant monetize that video. Not a strike.

I got a copyright warning overnight on a FM7 prize crate gambling video.

It’s for the menu music I didn’t have turned off when I posted it 2 months ago.

I’ll edit it later.

UPDATE: The artist involved waived the copyright on appeal. But I have still turned off all music in my games. Takedown, you’re right, it’s probably luck I haven’t had a hit before with over 100 videos on my channel. But it’s a non-issue now with future videos. I’ll either dub in non-copyright music or just leave the ambient garage hammering and wrench dropping in.