Forza 7 - BSOD Windows 10 minidump

Game Mode: OFF
Microphone: OFF
Nvidia Drivers: Newest

Windows 8 is not supported. Minimum requirement is Windows 10.

Lexandro really? You are funny guy. This is minidump debug… from Windows 10.

  • normal info from debug information (old debug version, before windows 10 released)
    Any one help?

I have Forza Motorsport 7 Ultimate & Forza Horizon 3 from Windows Store
p.s sry for my english.

No body? Where is support Turn10 & Microsoft? I bought the game for $ 100 and can not play normally. This is the last game i bought from turn10/Microsoft.

from the looks of things, it could be an internal error on your PC. There was a problem reading the memory address, so could well be a hardware issue. It could be that your page file needs to be made bigger (if there’s a bad sector on the drive where your page file is stored). It also looks like there was a problem with the Direct X driver(s).

Open up a run command (Win key & R) and run dxdiag.exe and see what happens. It may detect a problem with Direct X and repair/re-install it. I’d start with those 2 solutions to begin with.

Dxdiag - all test ok.
I have only problem on Forza 7 and Forza Horizon 3 from Windows Store. Project Cars, Assetto Corsa etc. works no problem.

aha, does it just start up, then show the splash screen, and close straight away?

If so there’s an issue with Windows Store and the DRM, which is the fault of Microsoft and not Forza.

Try downloading any free app from the windows store, then try opening the game again (this is usually the fastest fix)

If that doesn’t work, try uninstalling and reinstalling any add-ons you might have (Hoonigan pack, VIP etc) using the app menu (Start>settings>apps>click app>advanced>find add-on and uninstall)

If that doesn’t work, sign out of both Windows Store and the Xbox Live app, and reset both of them in the apps menu (start>settings>apps>click app>click advanced options>reset)

You could also try opening command prompt as administrator (right click start button>command prompt admin) and typing wsreset.exe

Good luck :0)