Forza 7 4K graphic pop up

Hi I’ve got Forza 7 and just wondering if anyone has this problem I’ve had 2 tv now and both do the same ,first tv was a Samsung 65js9500 my new one is a LG oled65bv7 when I play Forza 7 I get graphics pop up , all the setting are ok graphics look fantastic,but the pop up is a pain ,it done it on both tv which are high end units anyone get this too , I’ve seen the game play in 1080p where it doesn’t have this problem

This has nothing to do with the TV, likely your settings are set to high, pop ups occur if your gpu can’t process fast enough. Dial down your graphics settings a bit and see if it gets better

Although it probably is not your TVs, you might check (1) since my flat screen is Internet capable the manufacturer had a couple firmware updates to download, and (2) mine also has input settings for the specific port/location where your gaming console connects. Once you check those two items, I would guess the notification pop-up will disappear like it did on mine.

I believe he’s talking about graphic pop in,not the “HDR” logo in the corner. Where the low quality textures “pop” to the high resolution ones when you get close to them.

They are supposed to load in before you’re close enough to notice, but if your hardware isn’t up to the task, or if the game is made badly, the textures will sometimes be low res blurs until your right on top of the thing you are looking at.

If that is the case, it should have 0 to do with the TV.

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What is this pop up that you speak of? Hisense 4k hdr, Xbox one x, forza 7, when playing there’s nothing but the game on the screen.

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Pop up is when I play Forza 7 you can see the graphics in the background poping up

Do you mean draw distance of gfx as in the objects textures are late coming on screen if so theres a setting in video section to alter it.

Where that please

Hi mate where do I find that is it in the game or the Xbox menu