Forza 6 vs previous versions

I bought most of the Forza editions back when I owned an Xbox 360. Seems each edition had improvements but less cars. (was it forza 4 that had an auction category for rare Unicorn cars but never had any cars for sale?) After my 360 died and I waited a long time before I bought a Forza 6 Xbox One special blue console bundle. No backward compatibility Forza games to compare but now when I buy race car version of a stock vehicle the handling settings are not tweaked or improved. That stinks because in the past you could compare how the Pro Race cars were setup and get some idea of how to setup my modded cars. And paying out like an ATM machine for extra cars is a bummer. Less for more and more money. Seems a push now to buy Horizon 3 ? I’m just a casual player but I want to know how many years are guaranteed for the server before I buy a game these days. Turn 10 should list a phone number so I can give them feedback.

Forza 4 - the best FM of all time


I hear that a lot in these forums and was wondering when they will convert FM4 to XB1 as a backward compatibility game as I never had the pleasure being an XB1er only ??!!!

I have a theory that FM4 won’t go BP because there would be an exodus of players from FM6 to FM4 and T10 I’m guessing want to keep the numbers of players on 6. I also think 343 are doing the same with Halo 5. I think if they release H3 BP they would also lose a lot of players on H5. I know I’d jump to the older games without looking back. Fingers crossed they do go BP one day though.

Probably got more to do with the permissions required to feature tracks and vehicles on what would essentially be a re-release/new game and that certain FM4 features aren’t supported on the later XBL service.

Whilst I loved FM4 it is after all a 2011 game and it’s just too old and arcady to generate much interest. Things move on and other than a nostalgia trip I can’t think of any reason to go back to it. Sure, it was fun being able to hammer round tracks with only the occasional dab on the brakes and at the time it was as good as things got but its had its day.

Forza 4 is a xbox 360 game not a xbox one game. It wouldnt need any new permissions. Backwards compatibility is merely emulation. If turn 10 had an excuse it was that it was multidisc, but i say had because now mutidisc games are supported in bc.

As far as physics wise and being more arcade, if you played both with a wheel you’d know they are extremely similiar physics wise. The biggest difference being the newer forzas tire physics which seem to be competing with iracing to have the worst grip when traction is lost.

I think if forza 4 was upgraded to use the new xbox one controller it would be pretty much the same game. I think people forget how much better the controller is than the 360s and how it makes every game feel better. Forza 5 and 6 are prettier games but 4 still looks suprisingly good. The sounds although tweaked a bit more for a visceral experience are still great. Forza 4 was their best game. Im sure more people still play that than they play forza 5.


IMO Forza 6 feels great to drive, looks incredible and I love night and rain conditions to race in. It’s very good but for me what made Forza 4 so special were the layers that the game had.

Custom public lobbies added so much longevity and playing time to the game. I even played FM4 leading up to the FM6 release and earlier this year. There’s no way I would play FM5 and FM6 four or five years after they came out. I just don’t feel like they’re built to last that long. FM4 had so many layers to it because there was more creative freedom for the community in-game.

T10 don’t really update the hoppers much and that means multiplayer on both 5 and 6 gets rather two-dimensional. What I love about 4 was that custom lobbies a) could be browsed so you could see what you were getting into and b) gave the game an added layer due to all the incredible lobbies being created. Ice hill climbs at Fujimi Kaido, cruise/car shows at Le Mans, cops and robbers at Road America were just some of my favourites and most of my time was spent racing in S class lobbies.

They nailed Tag Virus by having it at tracks other than Benchmark and in a lower class (FM4 Tag was in FM4’s A). The circuit rotation in the racing lobbies on FM4 was spot on. In S Class there were no national/short circuits 80% of the time like in 6. There was just so much to love about 4.

FM4 was the perfect formula. Just paste FM4 over, gloss it up, evolve it where necessary with all of 6’s physics and visuals etc and 7 will be great.

Agree. Forza 4 seriously was the best of all.
Forza 5, the worst.
Forza 6, a copy-paste from Forza 5.


It’s been said lots and lots of times. The only thing wrong with FM6 is… its not FM4. imo FM4 is the greatest console racing game I have ever played. I’m not sure why they didn’t just keep FM4 and update it with new content and tracks. Oh I know why GREED


Could you imagine the wait times on a phone line for gamers to tell them what they did wrong with a game? Just look at the FM7 want list, its several pages long, and that does not include the tracks or cars that people want. I myself would need to actually sit down next to the programer to show them what I would change.

It does seam that all games start out with a bang, then the next instalment is never quite as good as we had hoped it would be. I have only played FM2 to completion, and won one of the 3 tournaments I entered, won a few other online races, mostly at Mugello and lost a lot of online races. FM3 i played the demo and was not impressed FM4 & 5 I have never played. That apparently sucks for me missing out, on the best game, then again maybe not, as I have lower expectations for this game. Especially since I have been playing GT5 & 6 which, well…

I personally really like this game, yes there are issues with the game, and if a studio ever succeeds in making the perfect racer then… well I don’t think that will ever be possible, there are just to many differing opinions out there. I do highly question why they (turn 10, Polyphony Digital, and I’ll through EA Sports in as well (although I think it was Tiburon who made the games)) go backwards when developing games.

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Why does almost everyone think that FM4 was the end all be all? Every car in the game was basically on rails and very easy to drive fast. I get some people miss the AH/storefront and CPLs(I could care less about AH/storefront), but is missing those really that game breaking? I’d rather play FM6 any day of the week over FM4, when I go back and try to play FM4 I feel like I’m playing GT2 it’s old and the physics suck.

Sure there’s a few things that could be improved/added but I think a few of you guys are eating to many member berries and it’s clouding your judgment.


For the time FM4 physics were good and so was car selection. This however is not why people consider FM4 the best. Physics and car selection are one of the few things that have continued to be made better over time.

The AH/storefront > than the garbage “share front” we have now. Heck you could sort through things by most used or oldest first in FM4 and for some odd reason you can’t now. There’s literally no point in liking tunes/paints because you can’t even search by that.

The online racing was cleaner (usually) and was easier to find like minded folks via CPLs. FM4 had a visible vote to kick that worked and FM6 has a hidden vote to kick that everyone forgets. If you had numbers you could spam vote innocents out in FM4, but that was due to programiming error. This was remedited in FM5 with votes tallying for everyone and track voting being something saparate. However with vote to kick being hidden it’s far easier to troll and stay in a lobby in FM6 vs FM4.

There were overall leaderboards for every class and the big grandaddy overall. FM6 does not have this.

So that’s why. 3 reasons that effect creators, racers, and hotlappers and all 3 are huge for most players.

If you’re just about cars and racing by yourself then things are better than they’ve ever been.


FM6 is $25 US now on XBL for Black Friday. Reading this whole thread has encouraged me more than it has discouraged me (to go grab it). I own the other even-numbered FMs, and all the FHs. I don’t want to break up that pattern. :wink:

So, tell me, what is it that affects hotlappers negatively? I missed something there. I do like hotlapping. One of my favorite activities in FM4 was racing my own ghost. Can I do that here?

If you want to hotlap to beat your own times then there’s absolutely nothing wrong with the game.

A few of the tracks were updated to stop players gaining an advantage by running off track but not every leaderboard was reset. This means it’s not possible to beat the top times on a handful of them. It makes no difference to improving your own times though or competing against anyone running clean laps.

Well heres 2 simple things from 4 that they never added to 5 or 6. When hotlapping the ghost does not update. It will say you beat so and so and your next rival is, but theres no ghost unless you back all the way out to the main menu. Another is racing your own ghost, there is a workaround where you can continually race your fastest time lap after lap, but its a workaround. Theres many little differences like this that makes 4 better. It was more user friendly, it seemed to have been put together by racing game fans who knew that the customers wants and needs were their own. I cant say the same for these newer forza games.

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And there’s no overall. I know some people only liked a few tracks and would hotlap to be #1 overall for say Sebring in A class. Others were more content in running clean laps to be top 100 in the overall class leaderboard or overall leaderboard combining every class. There was something for all types of hotlappers. It didnt matter if you were slow or fast. If you ran clean decent laps you could compete on many overall boards. That is missing in FM5 and FM6.

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Couldn’t agree more with this. I spent most of my time in FM4 hotlapping (because of the overall leaderboards), in CPLs or the ABCS. Of these three, only the ABCS have (eventually) made it through to FM6.

I think CPLs have vanished because MS have invested in matchmaking and they don’t fit in with that. If they put CPLs back in then the exec in charge of matchmaking would have to admit failure and that’s not going to happen. Hopefully they will move on before FM7.

I suspect overall leaderboards have gone because they don’t work well with tile views. We need a tree view like FM4. MS is pushing tiles and dislikes trees though, so again I don’t see them coming back without some backpeddling at MS.

The shame is that the underlying mechanics of FM6 (handling models, graphics and so on) are superb. Technically FM6 is way ahead of FM4. It’s just a worse game.

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I’ve wondered if this was why too. Overall boards might be a bit clunky with the current tile view for Rivals mode. It’s not like the rivals mode is sorted all that well either.

Tree view definitely works best for overall boards. It flows naturally.

The community was bigger and better back in the Forza 4 days, and I don’t remember lobbies being nearly as bad as they are now. Actually, imo FM6 is the worst racing game i’ve ever played when it comes to people crashing into each other in lobbies, even FM5 was better.

But, my biggest gripe is not being able to see a list of private lobbies like you could in FM4, removing that was just plain stupidity. It was easy to find people who are fast and clean, now you are just gambling on matchmaking most of the time. Unless you join organized races of course, but that shouldn’t be a requirement to simply play the game how it’s meant to be played.


It’s been a long time since I played Forza 4 (some burglars stole my 360 with the copy of the game), but I still remember it as the best driving experience on any console. I never complained about the physics, I always played with clutch and all aids off. Great community, great features, great track list and car list.
If there was a wrecker in lobbies we just kicked him/them out.
You can argue the vote kick system was flawed and wreckers could troll and keep staying in the lobby while kicking innocent drivers, but in the end, you could still have them kicked.