Forza 6 V8 Supercar Sounds, Windscreens and Headlights

Nissan New V8 Supercar Engine Sound Live - YouTube

The Sights and Sounds of the V8 Test Day - YouTube

Hi I think you should check this links for more accurate sounds for the v8 supercars. I would like to this in forza 6. The other thing is we can’t put anything on the windscreens and headlights. You said in the car reveal that we can replicate the livery’s for the v8 supercars. This can’t be 100% replicate because of the windows and lights. i would like to make liverys of my own with my numbers on the cars and have custom light sponsors and have stuff on the windows. Please make this happen. Us Australians would appreciate this and so would rest of the would. i know this is a big ask but its what the community might want.


A patch was released months ago for the V8 sounds mate
They sound 110% better than what they did before

Also,its any racecar that you cant put liveries/stickers etc on headlights or windows once you slap a new coat of paint on,not just the V8s

The Nissan and The Merc doesn’t sound like that in real compared in the game. Both Nissan and the Merc sounds Like a 4 banger. I want a v8 sound. not a rip off

Agree to disagree

Also,Merc doesnt reallt mean anything anymore.does it

What’s weird is some of the dlc liveries do have windscreen banners across the top. But we the players can not add a windscreen banner.

In Previous Forzas you could go to a “Race” front end where the headlights were then taken out and were able to paint or decal them. I remember making a Sealbeam headlight to put into some of the cars cause I liked the race front end but wanted the headlight there too.

I too have wanted to be able to decal the top say 3-4" of the windscreen and decal the headlights for a more authentic look.

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Forza logic :slight_smile:

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