Forza 6 Update (5/20/16, 5:08 p.m. Pacific)

Hi all,

Just a heads up that we just published an update for Forza 6 that addresses two recent issues:

  • Ghosts not appearing in Rivals races, and replays not loading
  • Rumble functionality. We have addressed an issue that was causing rumble to be diminished on both the Xbox controller and with wheels. After the update, rumble functionality should return to normal on both controllers and wheels.

Thanks for everyone’s patience and happy racing!



Thank you for the quick response on these two issues.

Thanks for the update Brian, much appreciated :slight_smile:

Do you mind me asking when possibly the wheel force feedback may be looked into?


I admire your persistence…

Just making sure it’s not forgotten :wink:

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…and accountability! Own it, admit it, fix it. Worthy of praise and acknowledgment!

A heartfelt “Thank You” from this corner of the community.

thanks Mech, love the quick fixes

ECHO echo …

Thanks again Mr. Mechberg for the update. The community knows things take time to get resolved but I also am curious to know if any focus will be put on any of the previous wheel issues in the near future.

Awesome job by the team to get this out fast. I know there were some worried about how this would affect tournaments this weekend.

Hello, my name is Gary Heyliger gamertag MECH DRIVER and I have been playing Forza since the days of Forza Motorsport on the original Xbox. After the release of the Nascar expansion I feel that I can no longer hold my silence but why are you still overlooking the obvious? You add 24 cars but you don’t expand the garage?? The ability to store paint designs, tunes or really address the idea that car lovers collect cars. As to the garage I cant believe it did not dawn on you that there are not people out there that do love cars and collect every single one, or take into account when we go up a tier what do you do you give them cars or because they are VIPs you give them a car a month and finally car packs that final number goes far and way above the 600 limit that you set. I had to again delete cars and bonuses that I earned to fit any of these and so did many of my fellow racers so any achievements we have made is a waste of time. I have earned over 1 billion credits the counter stopped at 999,999,999 cr and I have 186 unused spins my driver level is 1278 sure I could purchase what I had to delete but do I have to? Should I have to? And what do you suggest I delete? Why can’t you just double the garage to store our collection what would it cost you on an update besides a few lines of code?
Please do the same with paint designs and tune storage needs to be made 4x larger some of us do make tunes for specific tracks and rain tunes. I love cars but I am not going to purchase another expansion or car pack if I have to delete another car, paint I have made or tune. Please address this soon.


Dude,a little off topic no?


I think Mechdriver needs a day off playing Forza. In others news thanks for fixing stuff.

Load Failed


thats been fast… ty Brian & Team…

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Feels like it should again, many thanks for the quick fix

Yep, all’s good - thanks for the fix

Thanks! :grin:

Thank you for addressing our concerns Brian! Your intervention is highly appreciated.

Please look into the rolling starts RPM glitch in free play, as well as the wind noise bug in replays (wind noise sound remains constant in replays when car is on straights)

Thanks for the update, I would be a liar if I said those issues weren’t bothering me.

Has anyone looked into screenshots/clips taken from Forza not uploading to the DVR and thus being irretrievable? As I said on a dedicated topic, if this is not the product of a bug, but an intentional choice, it’d be nice to be told.