Forza 6 stuck on initial loading screen, can't play game anymore

I haven’t been able to play Forza 6 for a few weeks now. When I start the game, it is stuck on the “Forza Motorsport 6” screen (the one with the red car light and the spinning wheel in the bottom right corner). The loading wheel keeps spinning, and I can go back to the Xbox home screen, so the game has not actually crashed or frozen. It’s still doing something (presumably), just not what it should. It just stays on that screen continually.

I was hoping that the next Forza update would somehow fix this, but no luck. I installed the update, I’m still stuck. I also tried completely deleting all local files, and reinstalling them. That didn’t help, either.

Any ideas what I could do?


Any way you can check on a friend’s console to make sure everything (all your progress, credits, gift cars, etc.) are synced with your cloud save? Might try deleting the save file (just from your console) and seeing if it will start then. I’ve had a couple issues with corrupt save files in the last couple weeks (FM6 and MCC). If you’re patient, you might try uninstalling the game if that doesn’t work.

[edit]Also, I have reading comprehension problems, so sorry about that.

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have you hard reset your console properly…Snowowl has explained how to do it properly lots of times… need to pull out the power cable as well , until the light on the power supply goes off
hard reset should be the first thing to try before deleting anything …always


It would be cool if they made the instructions for a hard boot reset a big STICKY on the Problems and Issues page
just because that DOES solve so many problems and most people do not know how to do it.

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Even it was stickied people would ignore it anyway
They say they’ve done it already but only partly done it
Its the way people are nowadays…dont read instructions. .even when things havent gone right

Thanks for your help! I tried deleting the saves, and deleting all local files, and restarting the console. It’s now working again — what did it was the Xbox update yesterday. This must have flushed out some cache or something that prevented the game from launching. Fingers crossed that it doesn’t break again!


1 – from the Dashboard, out of all games, hold the X button on the front of the console down until it shuts the system down.
2 – Disconnect the external power from the wall plug (or at least disconnect the wall-side connector on the power pack itself.
3 – WAIT until all power drains from the external power pack (no light, either white or dull orange showing on the pack).
4 – Reconnect the power supply to the electrical outlet.
5 – Restart the console in the usual manner, i.e., either with the controller or a short push on the X button on the front of the X1.
6 – WAIT until the console self-checks and fully boots to the Dashboard before attempting anything.

If you don’t disconnect the external power pack and let the power completely drain out, the system is still retaining “old” stuff and not resetting.

If you launch one of the Forza games and it does a sync session DO NOT interrupt it or do anything else on the console. Just let it ride out to 100% completion. This may take HOURS. I had to do it on mine this morning, and it stayed at 99% for about two hours before successfully booting into the game. I made coffee, drank coffee. Made more coffee, drank more coffee, but I charged my cell phone (in OFF) for that time, too, and turned my laptop off so the Xbox One was the only device networking.

P.S. - If you happen to be in the Pacific Northwest and experiencing problems, please wait. There is a massive, dangerous windstorm with winds above 70 mph literally closing down city functions, locations like Spokane, Washington, are under safety orders for everyone to “shelter in place” - indoors and away from exterior walls and windows. Falling trees and downed power lines interrupting your Internet or power source for the console, may do more damage to the Xbox One than a game simply not launching.


I have tried deleting alternate Mac, persistent and local storage I’ve deleted my account and reinstalled it I’ve deleted the digital copy and reinstalled it I’ve hard restarted and unplugged it all of which Microsoft has told me to do so I have no idea what to do

My game get’s to the final loading screen before launching the main menu, then each time freezes, and reboots, Forza (As expected) is the ONLY game having this issue, done full hard resets, none of which fixed the issue. What I won’t be doing is deleting files as I’ve came to far in the game to give it all up now, If I can’t play it, then I WONT, I will not restart from the beginning, and if that’s the only option, then I’m more then happy to return my game for a full refund, and for a full refund of all in game purchases.
The bugs in this game are beyond a joke, and the frustration it courses is not worth it either!

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are you for real, just because there’s a small issue for an hour or so you cry like that and want to refund for your game…good luck with that too, xbox dont give refunds
it was issue caused by xbox live by the way

Was playing yesterday, get home from work today…gets to forza6 screen sits … Then goes back to home screen … Uninstalled… Hard reset … Nothing …so who do i complain too since doesnt seem to be a 1 off situation

Me too. maybe XBOX Live issue or forza issue.

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Had the problem like an hour or two ago. Now its fixed. Game crashed every time on loading screen.

For todays issues look here. always look here.

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Thanks SatNite. I always look there first, but not this time as I never thought it would be XBL related. Had the same about two hours ago and hard reset makes no difference. Seemed to load fine on my third attempt though.

Best joke ever lol

ME THREE… Hit me last night and no amount of clearing data, hard resetting, or moving the game on/off my external would fix it. Magically it is now fixed. I don’t know???

For the record I was experiencing difficulties with online play and rivals was not working. So I decided to go tune for a while. After a few laps at SPA I lost the road texture and it looked like I was flying! Tried the first hard reset and was greeted with a game that would fail to load in a couple of different ways. Do loop kinking you back out or a lock up at either the “Microsoft Studios” or “tail light” screens.


i Have the same exact problem tryed everything can not play the game anymore i have digital version ive rent a disc version reseted all and still cant play im so sad forza is one of my favorite game please fix it now i think its a bug from xbox 360 accounts they need to fix on thier side sry for my english french is my first language

That’s better English than you get from most English people! Hope you get the problem fixed.

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Take a look at this post:

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