Forza 6 servers down??

We haven’t been able to get into the Forza 6 servers since last night. Is there any word on when the servers will be back online?


Down for me as well…since Friday.

Not only servers for content and leaderboard, Porsche pack doesen’t work for me, it’s locked :_(
Hope will solve in few days (notice when free gold weekend servers on some Forza goes down)

I loaded all the Forza games on my X1X today to try out my SSD. FH4 and FM7 were the only ones I could get messages in. The rest all said the servers were down.

is this the reason FM6 and FH2 digital versions want start? both return to the dashboard after a few seconds.
FH3 and 4 and FM7 start and play no issues.

all my digital versions started fine today (including FM6).

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I can load my games but the servers are down…can’t play rivals or multiplayer which makes me feel sick :nauseated_face:
Also Horizon 2 has the same issue…servers say NO :worried:

I am having the same problem. Cannot create a Lobby, even for Private multiplayer. Also, am not getting messages, such as being able to claim the weekly payout from Forza Rewards. It was working last weekend. When I first logged-in, it was not even recognizing the profile, but now at least the offline modules seem to be working, including NASCAR and Porche.

Has anyone recieved any word on why the fm6 server is down? Someone needs to figure this out there are a lot of people that still play it and some dont have money for fm7 or horizan 4. I dont see any reason that it shouldnt work there havent been updates for a while now and definitely should still be working. If there was gonna be an issue with it or maintenance for the game then a heads up from someone weather it be turn 10, microsoft or whom ever would have been nice so can you guys figure this out so everyone that still races on fm6 can get back to racing.

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Hopefully it’s fixed soon. Maintenance doesn’t last this long. Maybe they took off the weekend for the Superbowl lol.

Hopefully they get it fixed soon. Maintenance doesn’t last this long. Maybe they took off the weekend for the Superbowl lol.

Started for me on Friday.
Servers down for Forza 6.
I haven’t been getting Forza hub rewards for Forza 6 for a couple weeks now as well.
Forza Horizon 3 works fine.
Some sort of update from the powers that be would be appreciated.
I really miss looking for paints, tunes, playing rivals, etc.

I can’t buy DLC since Friday it says something like error try again later what’s happening?? Any explanation for this guys

Just wanted to bump this thread as servers are still down as of February 5, 2019 and the Forza Rewards page has quit updating progress in Forza 6 (as well as Forza Horizon 3, I believe). I’ve tried reaching out on Twitter, but have gotten no update. Sigh…

The servers seem to be working again after a few days not… Thank goodness :clap:t3::checkered_flag:

Was back up and working for me today.
Problems I’m seeing are:
It keeps saying - Retrieving Drivatars Paint Jobs
Seems like there are fewer drivitars with paint jobs
Also it seems like the Drivitars have names I don’t recognize. A lot of the names I’m use to seeing are missing.
Multiplayer, Rivals, paints, tunes all seem to be working again though.

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i’ll check tonight when i get home! thanks

yeah FH2, FM5 and FM6 still will not start for me so I created/submitted a ticket.

Worked for me today, at least FM6. I had trouble loading FM6 (failed first three times, but worked eventually). The Forza Rewards deposit for this week was available (but not for previous week). Multiplayer worked (at least for Private matches).

Bumping this thread because servers are down for me for FM6, seeing if anyone else is having issues.

I, like many others, still play the pants off FM6 and am dreading servers being turned off and losing friends/rivals and leaderboard times.

I have FM7 and servers are fine but I don’t want to play FM7!