Forza 6, saved over 1000 spins over a few months!

Hi guys!! I posted here a bit in 2017, but stopped because I stopped playing.

However, on forza 6, I don’t think anyone else has done this. I’ve saved up over 1000 wheelspins!! I stopped opening them when I hit around level 100. Which I’m going to open now! I’ll keep this thread updated on what happens.

How much credits do you think I’ll get? Probably max?
Any predictions for anything?

Credits: 38,388,301



Some pictures.

Off to a good start, with many too go!!

Also, would all the special spins bunch up at the end or something? Haven’t had a single one?

Okay, so I opened most of them. After around 1 hour.

800 of them had 1 million in the middle.

10 of them had a car in the middle.

Then the rest had 10m in the middle.

However I still have 216 left. I hit 999,999,999 credits!!

What shall I do? Any expensive cars? The most expensive car in the game is 2 million lol.