Forza 6 private racing leagues?

Hey guys I’m new to the forums here but I’ve been on forza since FM2. I was wondering if anyone knows of a racing league and could point me in the right direction. I love to race competitively and recently I think I’ve become decent at tuning my own cars and I’m interested in getting in a race league or even starting 1 up. If anyone knows of 1 that has Something with scheduled races and points, could you leave a link for me to take a look at? Thanks

If sim racing (cockpit, no assists, no brake line etc) is what you’re after, be sure to check us out at Global Sim Racing. We were founded in 2013 and run all different types of series on both FM and PCars, so there is always something for everyone no matter the skill level!

We are about to start our relaunch of what used to be a league that ran for 12.5 seasons on fm2-fm4. Youre more than welcome to send me a message or join our new forums.

If you’re interested in racing V8 Supercars or doing a variety of different non-championship endurance events at places like Bathurst or Le Mans, then check out our website or send us a message at We also have a Holden HQ support category for those that enjoy slower cars with good handling.