Forza 6 Previous Race Standings Diffrent

Why are the previous race standings different from what we finish? How is this calculated?

Supposed to be best lap. Supposed to be. Doesn’t mean it is.

lol yea i thought that also but its deff not in that order. Ill finish say like 8th but in previous race ill be like 5th or 15th. Even if i have the best lap or not.

Should be the same as how you finish
Could appear differently if you have those ghosted cars that seem to just sit at the start/finish line though
They actually are racing but lag is causing them to appear like they arent moving

Not that either. Like me and a friend just did a S class hopper and crossed the line 9th and 13th. Got to the lobby and looked and the previous race standings had us in 7th and 8th.

What were your positions in the race before that one
Thinking maybe its giving results from earlier races and not updating

I wonder if lobbies take into account what your lap time was in the last window. For instance, I raced in the A class ghost this morning and finished the last race with the fasted lap time. Window closed for 2 hours. It reopened at 5pm my time and I joined in a lobby at 7pm. It put me in 2nd on the grid for my first race.

In League I’m pretty sure it’s determined by the best lap time and clean lap come first. But in other public hopper, it’s kind of random.

let me guess, lemans?

… No… but nice try hahaha.

Did all the players from the previous race stay in game? What if some of the guys between places 9 and 13 left the lobby, putting you guys closer together?