Forza 6: Playlist option in free-play mode


Long-time Forza player, first-time poster. So thanks for all the useful comments I’ve read – here’s hoping you can help me with my query…

In Forza 6’s free-play ‘Game Options’ menu, there’s a setting for ‘Playlists’, which says it relates to career playlists – what are the options here?

The only reason I ask is that one thing Forza 5 really missed – and kind of a deal-breaker for me – is the ability to create long single-player races in specific real-world motorsport categories at a circuit of your choosing – i.e. a 50-laps of Le Mans in LMP1 cars; a Spa-Francorchamps 2 Hours in GT3; a 24-lap V8 Supercar race at Silverstone.

The ability to do this in Forza 5 was very limited. In the career, you had specific series for V8 Supercars, GT3 and LMP etc., but the longest races were just 7 laps, while the venue lists only featured a few circuits. In free-play, you were limited to selecting cars by class, which meant that S-class V8 Supercars were mixed with road models.

Ironically, you could be much more specific with creating private race hoppers in multiplayer and filling the room with drivatars using very discreet categories (LMP, GT3, 50s Le Mans etc.), but this limits you – you can’t pause (long races need breaks!), use rewind if there’s a random shunt, and it doesn’t work without an internet/Live connection.

It seems like Forza 6 has exactly the same limitations. But are playlists related to career ‘championships’ such as 90s Hot Hatches, 80s Supercars, which would hopefully include all the major motorsport series. Hopefully this would solve my dilemma.

Thanks in advance for any insight you’re able to give…

I’m unsure as I haven’t played the game yet but you’re describing a very real problem with FM5 that I too hope will be changed for FM6. :slight_smile: Hopefully someone posts on the 10th after they’ve had a chance to play.