Forza 6 not working? Brand New Forza XBOX 1?

Good morning, I just bought my first XBOX System. The reason for this purchase was for Forza 6 XBOX One Limited Edition! As this is the first time I’ve played Forza I would like to say this is a very good simulation of real local tracks! But the bad news is I’ve only played it a few times before it got stuck on the loading screen? I’ve read all the fixes and tried to uninstall and
reinstall the game a few times now and no luck? It looks like I may of tried installing it so many times that now it won’t let me uninstall it anymore? Looks like this will be my first and last XBOX if I can’t get it fixed soon? PS thank you

If I understand correctly you’ve just hooked up the Xbox and downloaded (or tried to) the game.

It’s not clear if you did all of this as soon as you’d plugged everything in.

shut the Xbox down - hold “X” button and wait until brick light is amber.

Restart and try the game again.

if the game has been working previously also check you’re network as the game may try to sync during launch and a duff internet could cause it to small.

If I’ve misunderstood your problem then disregard everything I’ve said :slight_smile:

Like Snowowl has posted many time,do the above but also unplug the power brick and let the power drain out-ie-the amber light goes out,give it a good 10 mins,unless you do this step the box never truly resets!!!

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Not sure if your trying to load now, but servers r down have been for quite some time (8 hrs plus) could be part of your problem.