Forza 6! No real progression

Well I’m a Forza fan since Forza 1 and every new game came with cooler stuff.

However I feel like Forza 6 is a step backwards. It’s a great simulator, the cars feel great to drive, but something is missing. It’s boring. It has nothing new really to bring to the table except night/rain racing which imo should been there for all games.

List of my biggest concerns. Give the different racers different things to do.

Break the game up in 3 parts. Racing, Drifting and Dragracing and make each mode so great it can be.

Customisation. Forza 1 had more customisation than Forza 6. Huge step backwards. Take a look at Need for Speed 2015! Iconic cars like the Supra for example. Same bodykits and a flawed model for 10 years! Where are the most popular kits like TRD, front and wing?


10 years and still the same rims, body kits. Still no detailed settings for wheel users. The whole thing feels like T10 doesn’t care anymore, Forza 2 was an awesome game but it has gone downhill since. Yes the graphics are great but graphics doesn’t make a great game. Come on T10 WAKE UP! and listen to your community.


I just played the Need for Speed beta, wow the car handling sucks but the modding of cars bodykits, rims, etc just blows Forza away…!!
Forza is stuck with the same old out of date modding options and visuals

I just can’t believe that a AAA microsoft title like forza doesn’t even change the exhaust note or visual look when you upgrade it…!! Even GT5 does this…
Forza i think just doesn’t know what it is anymore, we lost the auction house, the storefront and my biggest concern we lost the ability to share designs and tunes with our friends…!!

Still playing but not really happy… :frowning:

Oh and don’t even start me about the puddles…


funny that your biggest concern was the ability to share tunes and designs with friends… you still can…nothing stopping you doing that

yeh puddles do suck…more like ponds

He on about gifting them to his friends, that’s all gone with the rest of the good stuff they took out from the likes of F4. And what’s left is a boring game. as other I’ve played Forza from day 1, F6 going be the last for me, it’s just the same over and over with very little added to each game. But for painting I would have got my money back it’s not just boring but its full of problems with it from day one, and still no update yet to fix just one of the.


But how was nfs so far? Because im dissapointed in this game and noticed nfs, looks interesting. Hope its back to the roots of nfs

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I’ve played the beta, and it’s a mixed bag. It’s visually pretty, and the car customization is good, although some cars have a better selection of parts available than others. The driving is of course completely unrealistic, but that’s expected from a NFS title. If you play it, I hope you like drifting, as there are at least as many drift events as there are racing events, and at least some of them have to be won to progress in the story. The FMV cutscenes are cringe-inducing in a cheesy fist-bumping dudebro sort of way, and serve to remind us all why the use of FMV in games should be consigned to the dustbin of the late 1990s. In races, the rubber-banding is quite strong and obnoxious; get too far ahead, and opponents will catch up and blow by you like you’re standing still. If this happens near the end of a race, you’ll have no chance to catch up and win. This makes winning races feel like a matter of random chance rather than skill. The map is a bit smaller than I had hoped, about 11-ish miles from one corner to the opposite corner, or a bit smaller than FH & FH2, with some large-ish inaccessible empty areas in the middle too. Overall, I’m underwhelmed. Forza Horizon 3 can’t arrive soon enough to satisfy my desire for an open-world cruising game.

To put my opinion in perspective, I’m mostly a sim racer but have enjoyed some arcade games including NFS in the past. In my opinion the high point of the NFS series was 2005’s Most Wanted.

I’m probably violating an NDA by telling you all this, but who cares, the worst they can do is ban my EA account, which would be no great loss.

I apologize for the thread-hijacking. Now back to your regularly scheduled griping.


And one more thing comes to my mind. They said they remodeled all the cars for Forza 6 and I can tell by looks that is not the case! Some cars still look completely like older Forzas, meaning no Scanning. I rather have 100 cars that are completely customisable than “450” cars that have nothing to little customisation. I mean Forza 1 had Exhaust tip Exchange, when in F6 you can drive a 500 hp car with a Tiny exhaust which would have been impossible in real Life.

All and all, I Think Dan is getting more like Gran turismo Lead designer. It’s his game, not the fans game.


I didn’t even know about this game but wow I just watched that Need for Speed 2015 pre-alpha gameplay trailer, it looks cool! (The one with the Chemical Brothers song in it). Looks like a very arcady game but one I might check out (I like both arcade and sim). I got this expensive XBox One racing rig installed now anyway. :wink: Also looking forward to Assetta Corsa when it lands on XBox One. And there is still FH2 and Project CARS to race from time to time as well.

Bottom line is, developers make their games the way they want it and when a company starts to grow too big (Turn 10, PD) they start to get sluggish, play it safe and keep repeating themselves, all forms of REAL innovation seem to have gone (don’t get me started on puddles please…). Sometimes it is a new young indie developer house that needs to come along and bring a fresh breed of air into the scene. Although Project CARS does have some flaws, you have to admire Slightly Mad Studios for what their brought to the racing community with Project CARS.

I’ll admit, coming from a PS3 and GT5/GT6 I’m very new to the Forza franchise and both FH2 and FM6 are my first experiences of it. I really like what I see and Forza 6 sure is my favorite racing game at the moment but there sure is a lot of room for improvement. I thought it would blow my mind and make me forget about Project CARS completely… but it didn’t. In the end I will probably get all decent racing games for the Xbox One (looking forward to Assetta Corsa and Project CARS 2 as well) and I will just play whatever game I like the most or gives me the biggest immersion at the time.


I agree that several aspects of the game have taken steps backwards. Some of those steps actually happened with FM5 and simply never stepped back forward. A huge complaint for FM5 was how bland career mode felt. Some may disagree but I find career mode in FM6 equally as bland. I don’t feel like I am progressing as a race driver like I did with FM2 through FM4. It also seems too restrictive in terms of PI where in some cases you can’t even change tires without going over. I was really hoping for FH2 style where your opponents adjust to the PI of your car. I’m not sure what is going on as one would think with such a lack of single player career options that the focus would be on more multiplayer which isn’t the case either.


It seems Turn 10 have become very lazy with regards to this franchise.

For many i feel, this game will be gathering dust,very soon.

I really wish T10 had put the same effort into developing the game that the fans were hoping for…

It has soooo much more potential.

Quit with the copy and paste T10 because as i have read this isnt going down very well at all with your long lasting original fanbase.


Both of the big console racing franchises, Forza and Gran Turismo, are stuck in a rut. As consoles have become more powerful and more PC-like, I had hoped that console racers would start to see some of the wealth of options that have long been standard in PC titles, like optional practice and qualifying sessions, and full-featured championship series. But the two big franchises are still making the same game over and over again with only graphics improvements and minor tinkering around the edges. Project CARS is a step in the right direction; it would’ve been even better if it had been less buggy at launch. Assetto Corsa is a great driving sim, but in its current state feels like it lacks enough tracks to be a full game, and its career mode is an afterthought. Eventually Forza and GT will be forced to up their game or be eclipsed by new, more innovative competitors.


You can go discuss other games on their official forums.

I totally aree here, what has happenend to forza motorsport?? Forza was about bringing the community together and letting the player have freedom whatever they wanted to do. No Online lobbies has hugely affected this once overly FUN franchise. Its really sad to see, i once had a friends list so big purely from forza, i would meet people from all over the world who enjoyed the same thing i did… cars!!!
They were dragracers, drifters, trackdays, races for pinks, carmeets, chill lobbies, where you could go hang out with people who shared your same interest.
all the top painters have now moved on as there is no inspiration for them anymore as auction house and storefront are now no longer here.
I mean i remember on forza 4 i was bidding on a 77 trans am with a smokey and the bandit design on it, i was up till silly oclock watching the bids as there were just hours left. I won it and got the car and i was so excited to take it online the next day and listen to people comment as that was the only one at the time.
This may seem sad, but it was only a forza game that could bring this to a gamer and i dont care what people say, agree or disagree forza 4 had it all…
yes it had a few glitches but when it worked, boy did it work.
The carlist and tracklist was phenomonal, they bought online lobbies back, new upgrades, tons of features, earbursting car sounds this was a big game, forza 4 was a innovation, it was the king af all car games, yes it was simcade but if you liked cars you loved forza.

This where it ends for fm tho. The release of forza 5 was, well truly a awful experience, coming from forza 4.

Skip to forza 6 and i jumped on the hype train like everybody else, i thought this is it… this a forza 4 for xbox one. Time went by and hype got more with dan greenwalt saying " 10th anniversary, this is the biggest forza ever". I noticed something tho there wasnt anything being said about things that mattered. They were questions from the community that was being ignored. All what was being put in our face was day/night cycle/ mod packs and the new leagues mode. What about the two biggest things in which made forza unique to its competition., customisation and open lobbies… they were other things too what the community wanted besides these that have been ignored.
Aside from some teething bugs forza 6 is dissapointing, it has become just a track racer, its opened itself to a new niche and i dont think its well suited. Forza was about track racing dont get me wrong but it was so much more.
i really hope t10 take feedback from their fans and really get forza back to where it should be… at the top of the pile for car lovers


I’m also starting to get disappointed. I was hyped as well, but now after spending time with it I can see its brought all the bad from FM5 with it. The split screen is still bugged as hell and useless. I was hoping for some good split screen with my son😕. The online is laggy even compared to FM5, the chat is absolutely useless 90% of the time. The lobbies are full of crashers, and very limited in selection. The leagues are only open at certain times, and also are full of crashers. I do miss FM4 immensely! Without the storefront it is an absolute pain to know what tunes have sold and what rating I’m getting. Paints and decals are easier to check. My photos never get viewed, and I can’t easily view my friends stuff either. The tunes are completely blank when looking at them, it’s just a lot of inexcusable mistakes. Makes me sad for the franchise!


The more I play, the more I notice how off some of the cars sound. It seems to be really electronic sounding & a lot of cars sound really grandturismo-ie.
For instance if you drive the e39 M5 & get in the mid to high rpm range, it sounds horrible.

Very very sad. There are more than a few cars that had really good sound in forza 4 & they ruined them in forza 6.

I hate to hate.

The game is incredible. But I agree that in some aspects they have gone backwards.

: (


It’s a crying shame what’s happened with Forza 6. It should have been so much more instead it’s just another average game. Whither its the poor sound the ridiculous AI or the career mode which has taken huge steps backwards it’s all so disappointing.

There is just so much missing in Forza 6 as with earlier versions, they call it a racing simulation, but it lacks so much.

If it is about racing why is there no qualifying, why are there no penalties, why are we stuck with the same old car accessories, since when does a simulation let you apply mods to give you more grip, more credits etc,

The sp is a chore, the rain effects are just ridiculous, even with all the cars running around the track, no water is dispersed from where the tyres make contact and in turn make a dryer line. The drivatars are still stupid and just bash the hell out of you. No option to even be able to turn of aspects of the game (weather etc).

Such a shame It does seem like MS and Turn 10 have lost interest and just keep churning out games which just have improved graphics and not much more.


Turn10 is in a bit of a tough spot. They’ve got no real competition when it comes to this series. Gran Turismo is a joke, the other games are very much arcade based and don’t even pretend to be simulators and offer the driving depth that Forza does. There is no one forcing them to think outside of the box. The game will sell either way because it’s the best of the genre. They’ve got no intention in catering to the stance bro’s who want to camber out wide wheels on a FRS or some such thing. They’ve got no interest in making sure you’ve got the latest Wings West body kit or whatever. While the game certainly isn’t perfect, I don’t think it’s lacking very much and I can absolutely see the progression that has been made in each version of the game. I absolutely wish they’d bring back the store front and I wish that there were more options for drag racing and drifting. Personally, I have not found an issue with the sound in Forza 6. It’s been great all around so far.


I have to agree with this one, I think a bit of the problem lies with the fact if they keep releasing games and selling massive amounts they have achieved their goal to make x amount of profit, I think a game is going to have to be a flop with poor sales before they will go back to the drawing board and make some major improvements, I wouldn’t expect to see any major changes to the modifications or track lists anytime soon :frowning: