Forza 6 Mods

I have mixed feelings about the new mods. They seem an awful lot like perks, kind of like they are trying to Call of Dutyize Forza. Don’t mind mods like earn more credits per race, but mods like have more grip on this track or start 1 position higher than normal, ie mods that influence the outcome of the race, not so sure that it’s a good idea for a title that’s trying to pass as a simulator.

They’re for single player.

If you don’t like them you never have to use them.


So they’re not in multiplayer?

Nope. Nor are they in Rivals.

Being a simulation doesn’t mean you can’t have options there for less dedicated players to tone down the challenge. Otherwise we might as well abandon the racing line, make the cockpit cam mandatory, ditch rewinds etc…

Ultimately mods are just another assist that some will like and everyone else can dodge completely if they don’t interest them.

Also remember that on the leaderboards, laptimes with mods will appear below dirty laps which appear below clean laps.


I hope you are correct for the game.

This was confirmed by Dan, so no need to worry about times set with mods ruining the leaderboards, because they’ll be right down at the bottom.

Does that apply to credit and dare mods as well or just performance mods?

what im planning on doing is on the days I want to be serious about my racing I wont use them, but on those other days where I just want to jump into a race and maybe goof off a bit I’ll use some different combinations and see what I can pull off with them. who knows, some combinations might just bring a surprise or two.

That and there are a couple of achievements based on using mods. That’s probably the only time I’ll ever use them is to get the achievements and maybe if I need some extra credits or something.

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I’m just going to use the +1 grid position one, because automatically starting at like 12th in the grid is stupid.

The other ones seem dumb.

as you get rarer mods they add to that, I think I saw a grid position +3 card

I bought a ton of the mod pack that was available in the demo to see what kind of mods I could find. There are definitely +1 and +2 grid position mods but there are also -1 and -2 grid position mods. In Dan’s demo at GC he had a Mod to start in last place. There are also other cool Mods such as +1500 Driver Exp which isn’t so much a mod but a one-time use bonus but it does prevent you from using another mod.

The mods might be fun and I look forward to using then in solo. Not for hotlapping though! :smiley:

I just want the ones for driving with assists off since i do that anyway.

OK guys I get it, I thought mods were also in multiplayer and time trial/rivals so I was concerned, but as long as they’re not in multiplayer, time trial and rivals, I’m OK with mods. I will maybe use the earn more credits mod but as far as mods that could influence the outcome of the race or lap times, I will not use them, such as give more grip, better grid position, more horsepower, etc.

One that i found in the demo interesting was the ‘Dare’ mod for using Chase Camera. I exclusively use Chase so that’s easy bonus every race for me, as it’s unlimited use.

so I just watched a video from AR12 and it included opening super rare mod pack
cool can’t wait to see what super rare mods there are!
oh wait… they are all doubles… o O
I really hope using mod packs especially the 150 and 300k ones aren’t constant doubles! Considering there’s supposed to be close to 300 of them right?

Surely no one can be against mods that give you a bigger payout. There are some that are a one time use like burn cards in Titanfall and others that can remain in one of your mod slots. They are going to add an interesting twist to the single player mode. I am glad they are not in the multiplayer or rivals. I will probably use them but like people have said before if you don’t want to use them you don’t have to.

Was there not an option to sell a mod back to the game for a small amount of credits as well? Ill do that for the ones that add grip or something like that.