Forza 6 league Ferrari from Can-An Connection

Hi folks,

I finished on the leader board in the top 50 and I haven’t received my 1971 Ferrari #2 Ferrari Automobili 312 P from it yet any ideas when I will be getting it?

It was sent out this morning.

Not received it and I was in “top 50%”

Send a forum private message to Mechberg

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Done that but there’s no reply

The original estimate for gift car deliveries was Monday or Tuesday. I’m suspecting that means they’ll be finished sending out by then. It seems they’re sent out in the order you placed in that top 50%. I got my car early Saturday morning. I was fairly high up on the list, top 1%, #60 or something. I’d suggest just being patient. The car will get to you. If you don’t see it by Wednesday then email.