Forza 6 is the worst at Instant Resume

I’m just venting…

I just spent 2 hours at LeMans in the endurance race. I had to go to work. I came home and my wife switched to Netflix. I resumed, and it looked like it was going to continue, and then it started over. You know that feeling when you write a really long e-mail, and then your program crashes, and you lose all desire to rewrite the e-mail?? It’s kind of like that right now with me and Forza. I just want to quit…

This really is one of my only real gripes… I love the rest of the game.


It’s not the only game that has a problem.

Elite Dangerous and GTA online will kick you if you suspend for more than 1 minute. It’s a shame, suspend/resume was touted as a convenience feature on XB1, but more and more games are including software that defeats it.

I might be wrong but the suspend/resume feature let’s you load into a game faster if you turn the console off (fast than booting and starting the game regularly).
Going into dashboard and letting the game run in background is something completely different.


Got ya. I always thought they were essentially the same thing as far as suspend/resume was concerned. I stand corrected.

No, it usually leaves games in a suspended state so you can carry on from where you left off.

He is correct.

As OP says, he was on FM6, the lady of the house went onto Netflix which means exiting Forza 6 (closing it completely) making it loose its position.

Instant resume is for when you turn of your console when in the game only for when you turn the console back on it’s where you left off.

Long story short. OP quit the game, needs to read up on the instant resume feature :stuck_out_tongue:

Technically, you should be able to run Netflix without it killing your game. The Xbox One has two VMs under the dashboard IIRC - one optimised for games, and one for apps. And I can confirm that I have often used Netflix (or other apps) and then been able to resume Forza 6 successfully (although there have been occasions when the game has been killed off and has to reload). I suspect there must be contention for RAM between the two VMs, and if the foreground VM needs too much, then the background VM is terminated. That’s pure speculation on my behalf, though!

I probably worded it badly but that’s what I meant.
The game’s state is saved and you can resume from where you left off.
However this Suspend/Resume feature only applies when turning the console off in instant-on mode.
It’s not going to the dashboard and let the game run in the background.

Forza is the only game I’ve had an issue with the suspend system. Seems to close the game regardless.

FIFA works fine with it and GTA does stay loaded (which is great because that thing takes forever to boot otherwise) but doesn’t stay in GTA Online which makes sense.

Halo MCC is terrible at it and often crashed my console if it didn’t successfully resume, at a reduced framerate…

FM6 and MCC are the only games I’ve tried it with. I just assumed resume sucked that bad for everything.

Dying light is bad at resume too. It does it, seems to be ok, but then it gets really choppy and jerky. So you end up restarting every single time. lol

Dammit… It just happened again. Last night after I started this, I did an hour and 20 minutes. Then I just turned off my TV… I left Forza on and paused. I came back this morning to finish, and my Xbox had turned off by itself. I checked the settings and there is no auto turn off. I went back into Forza and I get the dreaded Turn 10 logo instead of my paused state.

What a pain in the ass.

In Project CARS I got 8.5 hours into 24 Hours of Le Mans only to go to work, come home to resume, and find it on the title screen.

It doesn’t even seem to be a case of “the more complex the game, the worse it behaves at fast resume” - I found that the last Lego game didn’t support it at all and re-loaded every time you switched the console on. Other more complex games like Shadow of Mordor, Diablo and Watch Dogs resumed perfectly. I’ve found F6 to be reasonably well-behaved, although a good Netflix session does often seem to kill the game.

If I do not quit out of Forza 6 and I try to resume the game (Ever) it is frozen and wont let me do anything. I have to make sure I quit Forza before I put the Xbox to sleep every time. Its ridiculous.

Forza 5 would crash pretty often when I tried to resume it and Horizon 2 would only let me do it about half of the time, but I haven’t had this problem with Forza 6 at all. I usually go to the main menu and press B (so it says “(A) Menu” in the bottom-right corner of the screen) when I turn it off or open another app, if that makes any difference.

I have found that the resume feature has worked fine for me before the October update but after that its either frozen or quits the game completely

Maybe it has something to do with it?