Forza 6 Hub Rewards level not updating

Hello, everything in the forza hub reward is updating except achievement and dlc you bought, could this be taken care of please ?

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i Have same problem, it did my DLC, but not doing Gamerscore

Bought Forza 6 yesterday, played a few hours and Forza Hub still shows as if I never purchased this game. Anyone else had this problem?

Same issue here… Its listing gamer score as 0/1000… But I’ve got around 250 odd … Some of the other stats don’t seem to be updated as well…


I guess no ones reads anything before posting nowadays


Forza rewards can take a long time to update guys

Took me two days before it updated my gamerscore and dlc

So just be patient and it will come :slight_smile:

6 days since I started playing, and obviously acquired achievements on that day, so don’t think I’m being impatient at all…
As for the comment by talby ? ? ?
I searched the forums and this came up as the top two results… WTF are you on about talby ? ? ?


Give it a little more time, my achievements haven’t updated in a few days but they will eventually don’t worry

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theres been at least 10 threads started on this topic, some have been merged is what im on about
maybe look in the F6 support section first even
if only people actually read the comments in them they would know that it can take 3-4 days for the achievements to be synced
this one might have been originally started 6 days ago but theres been at least 10 since

even this one earlier today with the answers you seek

theres also a big READ ME thread in the support section

people are just too impatient with everything these days…just want it imeediately and complain when it’s not, even when its not that important or urgent

Im having the same problem

Don’t see any one complaining… Just asking if others are having the same issues… I can’t do much more than search and am not responsible for the searching abilities of the site.
Don’t have time to troll all threads on here. One would expect the search to provide the most relevant results. Have a job and limited data allowance on phone, and this was the thread that came up.
Now everyone talks about a couple of days, up to 4. Well I’m at 6, going on 7 days… Looks to be outside of the be “patient” period. Not that I give a flying fire truck. Just supporting others in the same situation.
Try being supportive of others…


Maybe read the first stickied post in the support section
Wouldnt have even needed to search
Thats what it is there for

At least you added to another thread and didnt start another one with the exact same topic
Any one visited the forza hub lately

Bet it’s been really busy

I can confirm no other for almost a week, i play several forza games (forza 3, forza 4, horizon 2, forza 6) which none of them get updated at forza rewards website. ><

My Forza Total for Forza 6 was the same since last Thursday and I checked every day since but no progress has been made, it says I’m level 87 still and I’ve passed that long ago, (Now at Level 141)
I know there’s alot of issues going on now but just wanted to point out this issue if it wasn’t pointed out aswell that is

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I am in the same boat, as nothing on mine has changed since the 17th/18th. Any idea when they will be updated anyone???

same here…I have the same amount of points for the past 5 days and the gamerscore has never loaded on 6…it works on 5 though.

Same issue for me. No changes since last rewards allocation.

Same,nothing updating!!

Noticed this too, I also have nothing updated for FH: F & F…

I also have had full or nearly full scores on older forza games for months with no change in the hub