Forza 6 garage size

Hey guys - I’ve searched a bit and I can’t seem to find anything about the size limit of the garage.

I like to keep a few of each car, and the old 550 limit made that impossible in for example FM4. Has there been anything spilled on this yet?


Nothing is known as of yet.

As it’s not the type of thing that people focus on when interviewing or showing off the game, you probably won’t find out until the game is available to play in September.

Yeah I think so too. I just hope they’ll increase it and utilize cloud storage a bit more.

I personally hope that they increase the tune space. I ran out of tunes for cars and I have to get rid of one to load a new tune on a new car in Forza 5. I have not played Forza Horizon as much so not sure if it was bigger there but I hope it is much larger as I usually have several tunes for each car and with a starting point of 450 and then include gift / bonus cars and the monthly car packs I will need a lot of tunes for these cars.

Not to mention replays :P… What the Hell was up with 10 in FM5 :slight_smile:

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I’ve also always preferred each separate car using it’s own tune rather than one car having multiple tunes which span different classes. After awhile the whole thing just gets cluttered and slightly discombobulating.

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Well, have you ever reached the carlimit in Forza 5 ?

Its kinda strange to relate to Forza 4, when talking about Forza 6 :wink:

I have never been close to the limit, but knowing that there is one, or that the garage could slow down with too many cars, kinda points to the direction of saving muliple tunes over buying multiple cars. :smiley:

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considering there’s probably 470 something cars you start the game with (anii skins, F&F cars, preorder) That’s not even counting monthly packs, free cars, Porsches. It would be impossible to get every car with 550 space much less different tunes, designed cars ect. They dang well better! Better be 700 at least

The garage limit in Forza Horizon 2 was 550. I reached it.

I’d imagine FM5’s is 550 as well.

FM6’s might be 550. It could be increased. I will jump aboard the “needing more tune and design space” wagon. 300 was massive if you only had ~50 cars. Not when you collect all the cars, like I do.

–Kind of off-topic yet relevant–

It seems odd to me that simply painting a car a different color counts as a separate design now. I don’t consider it a new design if no vinyls are applied. That would be akin to throwing a supercharger on your car and the game classifying it as a tune.

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Why is there even a limit?

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to contain bloated save file sizes, one would assume


Probably a good reason - in FM4 there was a memory leak issue which basically saw your save retaining the info on every car you had ever had in your garage, the resulting save file size was huge (one person on my friends list had over 32,000 cars over their time in FM4 - ran contests and bought and sold many cars in the AH - and was one of the first players to notice massive issues with their garage which were caused by this memory leak and the resulting save size).

I have only been playing since FM4 but have reached the limit in all of them so far, I am really hoping for a much larger garage capacity 550 is no where near enough for me. Lol! If there were only 100 cars in the game I could easily fill the 550 spaces.

I have to have at least 2 of every car even more in most cases, Twin Turbo or single whichever it is Supercharged and naturally aspirated, then I like to have some with engine swaps. I do go a little bit crazy with the sort of thing but it is one of the reasons I love Forza as it allows me to go mental.

As it is now every time a new car pack is released for FH2 I have to go through my garage and pick some to delete to make room, now this is a real problem. Lol

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No groups? I hope there is a better way to find a car in a lobby race, it stinks when your in a lobby and have so many seconds to pick a car from a packed garage. I have to smash the LB or RB 900 times to get to the manufacturer, there was nothing wrong with the list and grid system used on previous FM titles imo. I’ve filled FM4 on a few game saves and haven’t touched the limit on FM5 or FH2 yet, mainly because I’ve been too busy to play any games this past year or I’m sure they would both be at their max.

Complete agreed. I made a second account for racing in lobbys. Every body fancy new stuff in 6, I just want an easy way manage my stuff.

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No groups is annoying but as long as we don’t have a hilariously short timer like in Horizon it’s fine- I have so many cars in horizon that it lags when choosing cars and the pictures don’t load, makes it difficult to find what car I am looking for. :confused:

This was a huge problem in horizon for most people. There should be a 1 minute intermission to select a car and if everyone selected a car before the timer ran out the it should just skip to the game, that’s what horizon have done. I thought forza 5 however gave the perfect amount of time to select a car.

I’ve been playing Forza 6 off and on since it came out and got to purchasing all of the cars. With all the downloads and expansions, there are 609 cars in the game to date. The garage is full at 600. Can it not be increased to include at least 1 of every car in the game? This is going to bug my OCD for a while, not being able to own every car in the game.