Forza 6 Demo - bonus for playing - download account only?

I downloaded the FM6 demo and played it through (as did my wife and teenager; my son even got the 1M additional credit spin!)

When reviewing the Forza Rewards page, Gallade1231 should have 1M extra credits - but nada.

Any ideas why not? I’d be disappointed if bonus FM6 credits are limited to the “license holder”. Doesn’t make sense for free content.

The 1 mil credits showing on your Rewards page isn’t from the demo. Nothing you win or earn from the demo carries over into the full game. You will receive the 2017 Ford GT for playing the demo, but that’s it. The 1 mil credits on your rewards is from having cars in your garages in previous Forza titles.

Thanks - explains my account. Gallade won’t be happy to hear the 1M isn’t carrying over though.

Nothing from the demo carries over…

Man, and I was hoping I could start with 26 mil, instead of 25!