Forza 6 car meet concept?

Hey! So I was just watching a few car meet videos on YouTube where people - alongside their custom-cars - can show up to show off and to impress with burnouts, etc. and I was just thinking; "The parking spaces on the Bernese Alps track could act like something, somewhat resembling as seen in real-life. So basically I took a picture and also drew my idea for simplicity:

As you can see there would a need for an announcer or a commentator of sorts. This person could be somebody that players would have to show respect to, in a party chat or in-game. Essentially this person would have to write a list of players with their names and cars, to announce to the audience (other players spectating). This might seem try-hard-ish but I really like the idea. It would be very fun with 10 or so players to show off what sort of car I have and it would boost the types of cars we see in-game (rather than supercars left and right we could see family cars upgraded and more well made designs).

Also, Turn10 should take notice and create spaces like these so that people could explore these cars “á la autovista”. So much fun!

I understand that Forza Horizon is better suited for these things, but I really don’t like that game. Too unrealistic and 30FPS is just pure agony to me, unfortunately.

This is just an idea I’d like to throw out to the masses!! Thanks

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It sounds like your talking about a new game mode, I which case, all the “hardcore” forza players would hate the idea, they already hate that there is tag in the game, they will complain about this as well, I myself would love to see some new game modes like car soccer, but I know there are people who would scream saying that all the playground game modes need to be banned from Forza

I myself like the idea, but there should be restrictions

  1. Make it so people can’t have any paint/tune that isn’t theirs,
  2. Need to make it so that there is not damage
  3. (This will never happen) they need to add moderators so that the trolls don’t take over

What you say is just fact, really… sadly. :\

I feel like this could be incorporated into Horizon quite well. I feel like the scene which would enjoy this is concentrated heavily on Horizon rather than the Motorsport series. It could be worth looking into for sure.

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I addressed this, and unfortunately I just don’t like Horizon.

I think this idea is better suited for Horizon too. But, I think all the playground type games belong in Horizon. Why? Because Forza Motorsport is track based racing and Horizon is open world, community based.
I’m sure this type of event would appeal to some folks. Of course, this thread probably should have been posted in the Features Wish List, but I’m sure it will be moved soon.


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playground game modes work really well on tracks. The most fun i’ve had in tag and king where in forza 4 and 3 when they where hosted on tracks.
Now we play it on that garbage test track all the time and it’s extremely boring

I mean I love racing tracks as much as the next guy but tag just has something special too it


Forza Horizon 2 has car meets similar to this where you can view everyone’s car/stats, rev the engine and check out the tune and livery, but improving it to a more structured version would always be better. You can even launch basic races and other game modes from the screen and come back to the car meet after, with voice chat in the meet and everything. And whenever a player leaves, their slot will be replaced by a NPC drivatar until a new person joins so the meet is always full.

I don’t see why they can’t just copy and paste the feature over to the next Forza motorsports game, it’s not going to add anything “hardcore” but it’s at least a new community feature to that branch of the franchise.

Unfortunately Horizon 2 might continue to be the pinnacle of the Xbox One Forza series if T10 doesn’t do anything new to add community features to the motorsports games. I’ve already quit Forza 6 and gone back to Horizon 2 because the game is just so much better/superior in many ways IMO.

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