Forza 6 Car DLC Issues

Hi there!
Recently I got an XB1 and got forza 6. Within a few days got a bit bored so got some DLC. The Car Pass and the F&F Pack.
I bought them and downloaded them and they never appeared in the free cars part and I couldn’t get the cars for free on the “Find A car”. Restarted and Reinstalled.
Still not working. Contacted microsoft 6-7 times. They then refunded me and told me to go back in an hour and buy it again. I only bought the F&F pack as its the cheaper of the two.
Again downloaded and checked. Still nothing. When i go onto the marketplace in options It says you already own this content. So My question is.
Where are my blooming cars! I’m fed up with microsoft support so I’ve come here.
Is it possible just to get the Tokens added to my account so I can purchase the cars? I’ve spent a good 10 hours trying to get this all to work with microsoft but to no avail.
Please help

Anyone gonna help?

if you hard reset your console properly AFTER installing they usually will pop up in the free section