Forza 6 Apex rewards not updating on Forza hub

Hi there,

I have been playing Forza 6 Apex for a week now and my Forza Hub is not updating under Forza 6 Apex please help?




I have the same problem here.
I played and finished entirely Forza 6 Apex several weeks ago, I got several rewards from the program since then but no update at all on the reward program on Forza Hub about Forza 6 Apex…
I have a couple of screenshot for you to proove it. It’s in french, sorry but you’ll see the point anyway.

I’m facing similar issues.
Only part of my gamescore has been updated.

Up ! We would like this problem to be fixed. Thank you.
Or don’t count Forza 6 Apex with the rewards in the first place.

Up ! Same for me :confused:

Information would be welcome

It’s the same on other games, by the way.


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Dont know if this is the same issue, but i started Apex to see how it compared to other Forza titles and got through the campaign to where it said i needed to install the Hub App to continue. However, when i try and download it from the Microsoft store, it briefly say is working after i click to download but then the page refreshes.

I’m wondering if they have pulled the servers for the app???

Everything seems to be updating for me except for game score.

Same here, it takes approx 24 hours from playing it to seeing it update everything but gamerscore, but my gamerscore is stuck on 0. Also, I don’t see the usual messages in the game when I do something that should trigger an achievement. E.g. there are achievements for changing your badge to bronze, silver etc, but I have changed my badge and no message appears on screen to tell me the achievement has been triggered.

I managed to work out how to see my achievements for each game in the hub app, so I can see now that the achievements are being recognised, despite the lack of a message popping up in the game, it’s just that gamerscore isn’t updating in the rewards system.

I know, Turn10, you completely forgot this game but the Reward Program still have it utility for the other game from the franchise like FM7 so I would like my Tier to be update on the Forza Hub App like it is supposed to be. Thank you.

Really wish they would comment or look into this.

I think they might of fixed this. My counter for this game works as it should now. Hopefully it’s working for others. Thanks!

Send and email to, let them know nicely, what isn’t correct with your rewards, tell them what your actual game score is, what rewards says it is, and tell them your gamer tag. Don’t add a life story or a rant, thank them for their time, sit back and relax.

That works. All my FM scores were updated in a few days just by being concise and polite.

Good suggestion; I’ll try this.

My Gamerscore has now been updated, many thanks to whichever person or machine at Microsoft fixed it :wink:

Now that I’m closer to Tier 12 I’ve bought a Forza Motorsport 5 disc and am working my way through that to get the last few points I need.

It worked for me. I emailed T10 , and after a couple of weeks, they fixed my stats.

Just curious if this is now working for most people? Considering picking this game up for the extra Rewards points but will probably skip it if rewards is still broken. Thanks!

Edit: Update for those curious, I have been playing Apex for the past ~2 weeks and everything on the hub is updating fine. I do access the hub routinely through the game to be sure. Everything updates usually within 24 hours.

The only thing that is updating is my acheivements & my gamerscore everything else no.

It’s for almost every game.