Forza 6 Apex only a demo of whats to come?

Namely, the XBOX OnePointFive and new Forza motorsport (7? or updated 6) later this year! ?

Its the full game, I think for the rest you have to pay for the other cars/tracks/car packs once you get to the game menu. If this is the case I can see all the other forza games going to pc be the same.

my Point is that there is an Xbox 1.5 coming and that the looks on W10 might be a demonstration of what we can expect. =)

What I read about that new xb if its true there won’t be a disc drive, and not all AAA games that are out now, won’t be on win 10 store. I think in the near future the consoles/pc etc will be replaced with a tiny box connected to tv like they are now with NowTV box etc for movies. games will be streamed to your tv, only problem with that not everyone can get fast broadband in your town.

This has been shot down by Phil Spencer…

I think skipping a XB1.5 makes sense. Better to develop for the next generation of consoles, than to spend resources on a half step.