Forza 5 - What's Next?

The game has been well supported (mostly costly well supported with tons of paid DLC) What is the community expecting to happen until the release of Forza 6? Is it more paid DLC or more free tracks like Long Beach and The Ring? With Horizon on the Horizon will T10 continue to support Forza 5 or are they expecting us to move over?

Quite an exciting time for a Forza fan i reckon.

Well, the August Infiniti car pack is anticipated in August, Turn 10 states that we can expect more DLC in the “weeks and months” ahead, and - from what was demonstrated with the release of the original Horizon titles - there is reason to believe that additional content will come to a head just before Horizon 2 releases on 30 September. Therefore, I suspect we have two more months worth of Forza 5 surprises before it takes the backburner to allow Horizon 2 to get its due attention; then, we learn about Forza Motorsport 6 sometime next year (predictably at E3 in June).

Surely, you aren’t expecting any definitive responses; so, how’s that for speculation?

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So Forza Motorsport 5 will be dead inside of 11 months…incredible.

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Depends what you call Dead … Some would argue it already is …


Nuff said.

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“Nuff said”?

Ironically, the key word in the post you quoted, oOomotorheadoOo, is ‘some’. Once you understand the definition of that term, you’ll realize that your idea of a videogame death is merely a subjective consequence of your own attitude and inability to enjoy a videogame without being fed monthly downloadable content and updates. Meanwhile - and stated again - a good lot of us will continue to race, hot lap, paint, tune, and photograph.


Keep your knickers on sweetheart, ps as you previously and correctly quouted, its just a GAME.

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Says the person who, out the shoot, posted this:

You’re a hoot.

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No Forza title has ever had downloadable content or title updates extend beyond their 12-month mark and, yet, a good lot of us continued to race, hot lap, paint, tune, and photograph. Why was it you expected things to be so different about Forza 5? Either keep playing or move on … it’s a game.


I really enjoy Forza 5 yet and play nearly every day. I have made some great friends with this game, one of which is an actual race car driver and will be going to watch them race in Oct. I will no doubt purchase Horizon 2 and play but the games are different enough that I will be playing goth of them. Forza 5 is not dead!!! It may slow some after the launch of Horizon but I think the racing will get better as a lot of the crashers will also be going to Horizon leaving the cleaner more serious racers to race. I may be a good thing for Forza 5


Forza 5 won’t die until Forza 6 comes out. And even then I’m sure there’ll be holdouts.

Don’t fear Horizon, look at it as more of a “supplemental” title. Of course it will be a stand alone game with its own following but the real racers will always come back to the circuits. Both games can coexist.

Future DLC plans are known only to Turn 10, and we’re limited to whatever details they throw our way. Right now, it sounds as if we can expect a few more things, but we won’t know until they tell us.



Plenty of people still play Forza 3, Forza 4, and Forza Horizon even though there is no longer DLC or support for it. Just because the developers have moved on to maintain their business doesn’t mean we can’t continue playing the games…

If developers never moved on and only focused on the game that was out, we;d still be sitting here playing Forza 1.



These games aren’t dead, and most haven’t had any new DLC for years.

I still have my old 360. FH1, Minecraft, Skyrim, World of Tanks, GTA5, and 65% of my friends list resides there.

Anyway, my point is games and consoles live on as long as people play them and give a damn. Did you know folks still play Text Adventures (has nothing to do with phones) and ascii-map games with no interface?

Slightly off topic but GTA 5 is coming out for the bone. Would you buy it?

Forza isn’t quite dead and buried yet.

Forza 5 dead? No way. How many people haven’t even moved to a next gen console yet? None of my friends have yet. Imagine the user base on 360 that FM4 had compared to the relatively small X1 community. Even the most popular games on Live have much smaller communities than their 360 counterpart. This fall and holiday, more consoles will be sold and we’ll see all sorts of new people coming in.

I played FM4 until the day X1 and Forza 5 came out. I’ll play 5 until 6 comes out. Many others will too.


All those casual racers will probably move over to Horizon. Those who are a little more forza fanatics will stick with this game until 6.

I love FM5 but I will still play FH2 mostly just to drive around it’s a good break from hardcore racing as I like to call it lol.

I think the competition from the upcoming project cars will be good for us consumers, as with some competition on the horizon (pardon the pun) Forza 6 will go the extra mile


A game has no physical state. It can neither be dead nor alive.

The state of the community depends on which perspective you take. Most players will see it as “OK”.

The competitive players will see it as dead. Which it is. I have a time that is still #25 on a track I ran back in DECEMBER last year.

If this was FM2/3/4, that time would have been top 200 by the end of the week. The paint section seems to be just as dead. The forum represents only a very minor fraction of the player base, yet this has been the quietest the forums have been in forever.

Do you all really expect the regions yet to come onboard are going to be all “this is amazing”? I dont. I think we will see the same honeymoon period, then probably more disappointment and annoyance then any of us had. Im sure most would expect all the bugs to have been fixed by now, but they arent.


Excellent post.

Is it weird that I’m kind of looking forward to sending the xbox one off for repairs and firing up the 360 again?