Forza 5 vs. Forza 4

Which has better gamepay, graphics, cars, tracks etc… SHOULD I BUY FORZA 5??

Yes to Forza 5 for all.


Forza 5 has better content, there’s just less of it. It’s possible you’ll get more mileage out of Forza 4 although hopefully there will be more community event stuff for 5 which really improves the game.

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Forza 5 has better graphics, detail is through the roof and the physics ar more close to real life. The controller is also much better, the impulse triggers ar really helpfull. But the content is extremely low (tracks and cars), not to mention freatures and all the small things you can do in forza 4 ar all gone in forza 5. Forza 5 is a very clean stripped down version of forza 4. If all your interested in is graphics, detail and physics then forza 5 is your game, but you’ll only have 14 tracks and 200+ cars.

Not to say forza 4 dose not hav amazin graphics, and physics it just has sooo much replay value and depth. Will say if its your first forza, forza 5 would be a good start. Othere wise go to the game feature wishlist on these forums and you will see all the things forza 4 has that forza 5 does not(most of the stuff in there).

Too add again if its your first forza or you never played forza 4, i would say get forza 5 and love it for what you don’t know what your missing, lol. If you have played forza 4 and wish to support Turn 10 get forza 5, other wise I would wait till the game price drops and same with the dlc.

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Thx guys

GamePAY is right lol… Perfect pun because if you want more content you can always buy more content. I agree with “Forza 5 has better content, there’s just less of it”, less tracks, less cars, and no Storefront (not launched yet and no official date) which was one of my favorite aspects in FM4.

The graphics are amazing and breathtaking in FM5 to the point where everyone I know raves about them none stop. Fun factor, I find them both very fun to play although for some reason I like the lobbies better in FM5, I was turned off in FM4 and never played much online, but now in FM5 I am addicted.

Forza 4 is the better game, but if you wanna get into the Forza series you best buy Forza 5. Think of Forza 5 as a really expensive Beta for Forza 6.


Forza 4 is a vastly superior game. Forza 5 has better graphics but that’s it. Forza 4 has way more cars & tracks, better sound and much more replay value. Forza 5 as a whole is very disappointing.

I was hoping that the DLC for Forza 5 would improve the game, but I’ve been very disappointed with the cars released so far. Turn 10 used to release all the new cars. Now seems like GT6 is getting all the new cars (BMW M4, Corvette Stingray, etc.) while we are paying for cars that were in Forza 5. They really need some DLC tracks as well (real life tracks).

My advice, don’t buy an Xbox One for Forza 5. Wait until Forza 6 is out and pray its a way better game.


You think Forza 4 is better than Forza 5 seriously Forza 5 had way better physics than FM4 Forza 5 also has way better graphics, not forgetting laser scanned tracks. Dont get me wrong i loved Forza 4 when it was the only Forza but now we have Forza 5 it blows Forza 4 out of the water on every level.

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I was thinking about picking up Forza 4 for the sole purpose of increasing my rewards tier (Forza 5 was my first game in the series and I am maxed out at Tier 4). Not sure if I can get myself to do that much more grinding just for some free stuff… BUT, I was wondering, if all I am worried about is earning the rewards, is there any reason I need to buy the full version or can I pickup the ‘essentials’ version? Just looking for the cheapest way to ‘buy’ Tier 5… Thanks!

FM4 has the best value.

More cars if im not mistaken, more tracks, better UI, more things to do on and offline, Triple screen setup, LFE, awsome audio… list goes on…

FM5 though its very pretty! but… is pretty dry right now… and seems lost… Give it six, eight months? it might be the best console racer ever… and most likely cheaper…

So yea I say FM4 on the cheap… and rent FM5… gamefly or the like, you can keep it till you get tired and swap it…

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in terms of physics gameplay is better in FM5, and the drivatar with its ups and downs is imo still better than FM4s AI,
in terms of content, there were more gameplay options, features, modes in FM4, but it looks like T10 is willing to add new (or rather returning) features with updates - so in the run FM5 might improve in this aspect

visually this game is really stunning, the cars look (and sound) amazing, so much detail, it gets a lot out of the newgen box, in this aspect FM5 is better than FM4, we will see if and how it will improve (just like there were huge differences between fm2 and fm4)

cars and tracks
in terms of quality the cars and tracks have improved a lot (dont get me wrong FM4 was near perfect back then), in terms of looks, sounds and the way they drive the cars are very nice,
tracks look better, are more accurate, and have been laser-scanned
in terms of quantity the number of cars and tracks has dropped siginficantly compared to FM4, but the variety has increased, we will see if and how it will improve (just like there were huge differences between fm2 and fm4),
the number of cars is from my perspective not such an issue, but they should add more tracks imo - the addition of three new tracks is cool, but they should add more (whether new or returning)

whether you should buy forza 5? thats up to you to decide, there are enough threads were you can find enough feedback - they tend to be more negative
but I for one am very glad I didnt listen to all the negativity, and am enjoying this game very much

For sure buy forza 5 … but i still like forza 4 better

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Going between the two, it’s quite easy to see that FM5 is leaps and bounds ahead of FM4, in all areas.

That said, FM4 is a lot more content, so…

FM5 is technically superior to FM4 in every way, especially in the tire simulation front.

Content and social networking/sharing wise, FM4 was better.

I prefer technical superiority over any content/club/share features therefore it is FM5 for me and nothing else. It could be just 1 car and 1 track and I’ll still play FM5.

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And don’t forget that Turn 10 are probably twerking this game as we speak.

OMG Smoky… Say it ain’t so! 0_0


I must be the only person to quite like fewer tracks it takes me ages to learn bends.I read somewhere that there will be more content but it might take a while.I’d like fantasy tracks like the Bernese alps it was slightly quicker to make.

I have to say that Forza 4 was definitely my favorite by a long shot in the Forza series. Car clubs, tune and car sharing, tons of cars, awesome selection of tracks, in my opinion, much better online racing, much better community interaction within the game, etc, etc.

Forza 5 visually is great and the driving physics are very good. The problem is what’s missing, the low number of tracks means that it gets repetitive soon, there are far fewer offline events and no racing seasons, and so far the online racing has seemed fragmented. These things combined with the loss of car clubs and less online community interaction means that it probably not going to get 25% of the playing time that Forza 4 did for me. (Event list in Forza 4 is near endless).

The problem for Forza 4 is that it is at the end of it’s life cycle and loosing online support, new events, DLC, etc. Upside for Forza 5 is that updates may significantly extend it’s game play in the future ( I hope ).

I currently would rate Forza 5 a 7 and Forza 4 a 9-10. My opinion would be you definitely should get both, I personally would have to if I were in your shoes. Then you can give up the next year of your time immersed in Forza,

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I think you can summarize it this way:
As soon as you hit the track Forza5 blows Forza4 away. It has MUCH clearer graphics, the sound is far, far better, the feel of driving the car is enhanced, both in terms of the controller, but also an improved physics engine plus the fact that the circuit surfaces themselves are enhanced and, yes, you really can feel this if you are driving without assists. The drivatars have their detractors, but since it is us who train them, it is our behaviour they are mimicking (ie, yes they do some overly aggressive and rediculous things sometimes), but they are by far and away the best AI racers ever. Just watch a random race replay and tell me it doesn’t look like watching a real life touring car race.

Once you leave the racing itself you will find that Forza5 does have some limitations or restrictions compared to Forza4. To list a few, there a fewer circuits and cars to choose from so ultimately, less variety. The ability to create your own, public, custom multiplayer hopper doesn’t currently exist and the in game economy is now very different. You can no longer gift cars or sell your tunes, and designs, instead you share them publicly and get paid daily once the usage exceeds a certain threshold. Finally, wheel controllers that work on xbox360 currently aren’t compatible with xbox one and won’t be for at least the foreseeable future if ever.

Frankly, I love forza4 and I love forza5 too and play both regularly. If you are looking to purchase an xbox one JUST for forza5, then save your money. If at some point over the next 6 months or so, there are other games that you would like to play on the one, buy it and forza5 today, I doubt you will regret it!