Forza 5 Tracks!? Micro-transactions...A very disappointing Forza 5 Motorsport

Are they releasing more tracks for free or as DLC? I don’t understand why there’s only 10 tracks on the bloody game! They are beautiful tracks with beautiful scenery but it doesn’t help that I’ve raced on every track in a hour…its pointless and what person wants to spend over $160 on a game, if you buy all the car packs plus tracks. This needs to be fixed because if they release tracks as DLC I’ll have to stop playing forza it will end up costing you over $100 just to play the (Full game).

I hate to say it but in reality Forza 5 is not a good game. Its Forza 4 with more physics and a ton of micro-transactions. I barely play anymore because of the tracks, its just boring and making the tracks DLC will only piss the Forza 5 community off. I have a dying passion for Forza, It’s my favorite racing game but I just cant find anything fun about racing on 5 tracks in multiplayer over and over again, you don’t even get to vote for a track in Virus/Infected lobbies, so an awesome game is ruined by it’s creators. Sad to say but If anyone knows about the tracks and what not please leave some info, Thanks. The other Forza fans and I would appreciate it!


First, there are more than 10 tracks. If you can’t enjoy racing on a track more than once, you probably shouldn’t buy a racing game. Also, all DLC is optional, in which you can choose to pay for it or not. That is the lovely thing about being a consumer. Micro-transactions are completely optional as well, and I’m tired of hearing about the complaints as are most people. They are mostly there for the people who don’t have as much time to play, but have the cash to “accelerate” the rate in which they earn things.

One last point. You are no where near, paying $100 for a “full” game. If you didn’t know what you were paying for, shame on you. It is $60 + tax at retailers for a brand new copy of the game. If you consider it “watered down”, you shouldn’t have set your sights so high. This game was built from the ground up with new coding and hardware. If you can’t realize that, along with the timeline they had to actually MAKE the game, again, shame on you.

This reads like another rant from a consumer who lacked researching skills. Oh, yeah … micro-transactions are not mandatory either.

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And this reads like just about everything you post mate, having a sly dig at someone not happy with the product they’ve purchased. If you think the complaints seem old, they’re not as old as pointless replies like yours, the complainers of the complainers conundrum, where will it end eh.
I researched Forza & what was available before launch & despite the lack of my favourite type of cars & the decimation of the track count i was still willing to give it a try. But despite all that research & hearing what was coming from a mod & others on another website pre day one, it was what they DIDN’T tell us that bugs me the most. Leaving out “little” details like the lack of multiplayer features would’ve put me off from the start but we all assumed (& by all i mean the hundreds of regulars at Virtual Motorsport who were also gobsmacked when people finally started seeing a shell of what was available on Forza 4) that they would be there to carry on as normal.
So research doesn’t work fella when the schpiel train is doing the rd’s at the various shows before launch & interviews on gaming websites & they fail to mention things that aren’t there that we take for granted & need to make the game work as we’ve always known it. They let us find all that out for ourselves after we handed our money over so all the complaining about the various issues are justified imo & need to be kept at the forefront. What we dont need is people like yourself constantly haranging the ones that do this, if you have a problem with that its just that, your problem & no-one else’s. You’re clearly happy with your purchase so why keep bothering others who aren’t? No point whatsover.

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Here’s one thing to note. The days of true single player games are a thing of the past. All your popular, good games are going to have some kind of online content. Now in order to provide that content for a long period of time the game developers must invest money into constant upkeep for the servers the players will access. If they choose the route of hiring employees to work for the company to perform this task or take the path of outsourcing this job to a company who provides this service, either way it costs money. In the past once a game was sold off the shelf, that was the end of the revenue for that game and it also was the end of development for it as well. That money earned went to covering of debt accumulated while developing said game and the cost of future projects within the company. So where are these companies going to get additional revenue to support update development and online access without cutting into their bottom line? Simple. They either choose to use a subscription based gaming model like many MMORPGs(think Everquest/World of Warcraft) or they go with a paid DLC model. The DLC model works fantastic by providing you with 100% optional content and when players choose to purchase it, this is where the extra money for server upkeep and future existing game development comes from.

Game Developers are a business no different from Nike, Apple, Chevrolet, etc. Their #1 goal is to make money by providing quality products that consumers will buy. In today’s world, games without online access aren’t going to be your best sellers.

Folks, remember “Quality over Quantity.” Be patient and give the developers time to test the new content before they put it out. There is no sense in putting stuff out in a hurry just to glitch and bomb the gaming experience.

it is kind of lame for $59 jus sayin


really go back and look at launch titles for most new systems they are never truly game. This is a great game and is you are bored already thats your problem. I say you need more friends thats what makes this game better racing friends online, rivals, etc.

People seem to forgot the progress from FM2 to FM4 on the 360. Think how good FM5 is then add a couple of years and 6&7 are going to be crazy

Most other racing games (pretty much anything that isn’t FM or GT) gives you far fewer cars and poorer physics. More tracks, sure, but much less in other areas. If racing games cost based on amount of content, and if FM5 isn’t worth $60, then most other racers aren’t worth even $15.

(Couldn’t just add that to my last reply. I’m on a tablet and for some reason when I tried pasting that it kept putting a series of spaces.)

$59 is dirt cheap for what you get.

I know you don’t understand. You make that very clear. What’s baffling is that you are ranting about an issue you don’t understand. That would be like ICP lecturing us about how magnets work. (For folks that don’t get that, Google “ICP magnets how do they work.”

Each console generation’s capabilities ramp up versus the previous one, and players expect that to show in the games, but more detailed cars and tracks, more accurate track modeling, more complex physics, more complex AI, et ceta means more development time, and time costs money, so more time means spending more money. More time means you can either create less content for a similar development period, hire more people to get more done in the same time span but in doing so blow more money that plays won’t pay because they don’t want to pay more for a game, or have a longer development peod with larger expenses but no greater revenue to compensate for those extra costs. It took a minimum of nine months per track with FM5, which is longer than it takes to build tracks for both games, especially last-gen one (360/PS3.)

Im on your page with this game.


replayability of this game > most anything from 5 years ago, at the same cost. What is wrong with you people. I’ve gotten at least 40 hours out of this game since I’ve owned it, and still have things left to do and fun to be had. You can NOT count the cost of the system into that equation, but consider most RPG or even some of the racing games you were lookin at a max of 10-20 hours of solid play time to run through the game and be done. I’m up to about 40 hours and still have career mode games left to do shrug. You are certainly getting what you pay for, micro-transactions or not. Would I have loved more cars and tracks? sure… but with this being ground up work, it’s like starting over at F1, and their weren’t many cars then either. You can almost bet on any DLC cars in F5 being included in F6 because the design work is already done! Early adopters pay more for less no matter what you’re buying / end.

Excellent point. Maybe it is because I am part of the “older” set that gets off on Forza I have more patience and am able to look past a few things. I totally recognize that the game is not perfect but what I do know is there is plenty of evidence out there that T10 is NOT a company that rests on its laurels or ignores the customer base. What that means to me is that I am positive they are aware of things and are working to correct while they also have to make sound business decisions.

I run a company my own company that I started with a friend and our own funding. I didn’t open the company because I wanted to help fortune 500 companies assess risk or gather information in 3rd world countries for fun or out of the goodness of my heart. We do it for profit and we have to weigh decisions carefully between the needs of our customer and the needs of our business. T10 is no different. There are economics behind providing a game like this for us to enjoy.

And it is completely impossible to enjoy the game if you are constantly looking for things that are wrong…

And I’ll give a quick life lesson to those who are interested. The moment you tell a company that you are fed up and leaving or other types of temper tantrums they will in most instances write you and your concerns off. It is too costly and too complicated to worry about those who are walking away or threatening to. It is always better to work through issues rather than dropping the I am leaving bomb.

I feel like every single complaint thread on here is exactly the same, leading to the same discussions and arguments. It’s getting reeeaaaaally old.

Sure it could do with more tracks ,but micro-transactions dont bother me as i don’t buy tokens or dlc, once i buy the game that is all i spend

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tell you what, I would happily pay another $60 for an F1 pack of car’s and F1 tracks… heck keep the car’s, I can paint the 3 we have, just give me the tracks :slight_smile:


bonus for
Watkins Glen
full Zandvoort
Buenos Aires

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I somewhat agree

Honestly can’t believe a racing game in 2014 doesn’t have such a popular track like Nurburgring. It doesn’t make any sense.

Give us some more technical & challenging tracks, please.

It feels like the game was soooo rushed. The first couple days of playing the game felt so polished and amazing - but then you start stumbling through the game and have to start wondering “what were they thinking?”

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