Forza 5 to go free to play?

Am I the only one who has a sneaky suspicion that Forza 5 will go free to play in a year or so? It seems to be a common strategy to extend a games life for the next generation. What makes me think this is the market place section listed as coming soon, the credit boosters etc… I really hope this is a sign we can expect ongoing support for the game instead of them dropping it to release Forza 6 in a few years. Do you think its realistic we can expect rally and weather packs in the years to come?

No I do not. Forza 5 was a quickly slapped together prologue to FM6 and intended to be used as a technology demonstrator for the shiny graphics and the fact you can now see flocks of birds in the sky, or balloons. Never both. This game is a pretty grave disappointment.


I would be interested to see where you got these nuggets of information. Surely, you can quote someone at Turn 10 stating that FM5 is " a quickly slapped together prologue to FM6"… Unless, of course, this is just your personal, uninformed opinion, since it is exactly the opposite of what Turn 10 HAS said about the game.

Certainly, there are some issues with FM5. Some are bugs/glitches that are common with a new release on a new console. Others are content and gameplay related and are part of a vision that Turn 10 has for the franchise. However, Turn 10 is already working to resolve bug/glitch issues AND have already begun to make changes to adjust the game to please the Forza Community. So I wouldn’t call it a prologue at all, but rather a complete game that was not well received and is being modified on the fly to accommodate the players.
As for night and weather, it has never been that Turn 10 doesn’t want to add those features. They just don’t want to add poor quality renditions of them. For all we know , Turn 10 could be working to add them to FM5, but I think it’s more reasonable to expect them in the next iteration.
I believe all console games will migrate to the F2P system within the next 10 years, certainly within the lifespan of the Xbox One. The move will be met by much resistance initially, as with all major changes, but gamers will adapt quickly after a short transition period. It really makes sense for the developers to move in this direction, where they can better control the revenue generated by a game.
No matter what happens, I have faith that Turn 10 will be fair and consistent while staying active within the Forza community and doing their best to keep things fresh and exciting.


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No, the Forza series will not go FTP. The marketplace will merely be a DLC hub, as has been the case in previous iterations of the game. The boosters are there for an extra couple bucks from those either unaware of how easy it is to earn and level up or those that don’t care to take the time.

Yes, it is totally unrealistic to expect a rally pack and/or a weather pack. Never been done before, can’t see it happening with this title. You might get some rally cars, but don’t expect any rally tracks ever. Weather? Not as an update. Maybe in another title, but probably not. They’ve had almost 10 years to implement weather and daylight fluctuations and have chosen not to.

I actually don’t want them to extend the life of this game any longer than necessary. I think this is a great start for a new console and can’t wait for Forza 6 to build on this foundation and bring back the familiar, larger, more complete experience.


Well they have been making Forza for 13 years but even then to say they chose not to put in weather & a 24 hour cycle is just rude.
The first xbox was pretty much done as far as Microsoft goes when the first Forza Motorsport game was released, and it didn’t have the power to have weather & a day night cycle with the graphics used & realistic simulation engine.
Then the same goes for Forza 2-4 they steadily improved the graphics as they learned the system but there is only so much you can do with the power of the 360 & still improve graphics & the simulation engine part of the game. Then add having to do that plus make DLC for the current game in 2 years(think it was 3 or 4 for Forza 5) that is alot to do in a short time & that’s why game developers have a thing called crunch time where they work long hours just to get the game ready to be released hopefully on time.

There will always be trade offs in console games as they have limited resources to work with unlike pc gaming where if a person computer can’t run a game they upgrade or buy a new pc.

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I wasn’t trying to be rude. There are choices that have to be made during development, and one of those choices was to focus on a brilliant physics engine as opposed to racing in rain or racing at night. What dictates the route the developers choose to take is irrelevant; they made a choice. They chose physics over weather.

I’m not slighting them, just stating the facts.

FM1 came out in 2005, 9 years ago. Sure development started a few years before, but come on. You know what I meant.

Either Turn 10 will go with an even further F2P/Freemium strategy with FM6 or the backlash will cause them to revert to a more traditional setup.

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I’m hoping for a more traditional setup, F2P/Freemium is ruining most games. Even full price games are learning bad habits: microtransactions like on FM4 didn’t bother me, they were mild and didn’t come with gimped rewards in tow. FM5 pushed it too far.


I just see this as a sort of insight into what we will see with Forza 6, or an Alpha version. Forza 6 will probably be the exact same game, but better graphics, more cars/tracks, slightly improved physics and more features. I doubt there will be a huge difference between the two.

Assuming that no one is money hungry, I think if Turn 10 really wanted to they could easily release a Forza Motorsport One (for Xbox One) and make it either F2P or buy it once deal, then just keep pumping out car packs and track packs, along with updates for physics and features. I guarantee we won’t see a huge difference though between this game and FM6 though, so it would be a plausible idea for them. And then with each car pack/track pack release a few more career races. I could see it working well but they will need to be constantly on top of it to keep everyone’s attention.

But FM5 as a whole was purely a way to show off the Xbox One’s potential and what is to come for future Forza games.

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Microsoft’s flagship racing title a free-to-play game? Absolutely not. Also, a little research in these forums and in the news section will help enlighten you on the other topics to which you are uninformed.

No after project cars I suspect that Forza is going to to completely rewritten just to compete

really lol…have you watched the game play videos? physics look horrible, cars look like they are floating not actually on the track…tire sounds are horrible and the graphics look pretty plain…square trees and crappy looking buildings. Unless they change all this before release i dont see it coming close to forza in terms of realistic audio and driving

They better not! The day that FM5 goes Free to Play is the day that I’ll stop paying to play Forza. (Ya hearz me T10? I meanz it!)

Seriously though, I very much doubt the series will go entirely free to play any time soon. Additional micro-transactions within a $60.00 base price game is one thing. Completely gambling that base price away, on the hopes that enough people become addicted long enough to fuel the revenue stream, with entirely optional purchases later, is another thing entirely.

the only way you get forza for free is to buy a console with it as a pack in. they haven’t even given the dlc for free since forza 3 ultimate edition. you notice forza 4 dlc is still full price? and a trend in next gen??? the console came out just about 2 months ago.

Every effort should be cost-free, hope that the future is not the have paid for the game 65 euro.

“They’ve had almost 10 years to implement weather and daylight fluctuations and have chosen not to.”

Weather and night time racing???

Sorry but if I want “slippery” cars I can tune them that way. And with the beautiful graphics why would I want dull that down with darkness/night time? Go play horizon.

Im not a huge fan of these either but it does make the game more interesting. I do think gt6 did a pretty decent job of there night and raining racing. All in all adding it would make more people happy with the game so i dont see why not adding it would be a huge deal just leave an option for it.

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I’m not asking for that stuff.

Just explaining to the OP that they probably won’t be added as part of a patch or as DLC.

Meh to the whiners. This maybe the run up to FM6 but the look, feel and smell (perhaps just me) of FM5 are great.
All of the upgrades will come at some point…probably at cost.
It won’t ever be free to play though. Given that the Day One edition has pee’d off the Forza faithful they cannot make FM5 free. Free to play would = rammers in a a big way. Rammers don’t buy car packs so they won’t make it free.