so i’ve been playing forza 5 since it came out for the xbox one,
and i notice you can get rewards for it,
so a start going on here to get the rewards
but now i can’t redeem the rewards,
i have 8,500,000 credits for Forza 5
and 570,000 for Forza 4
and the same for Forza horizon,

can someone help me please?


i got same problem

Yeah I got 6 mil waiting to arrive… but has anyone ever thought that this might be for april’s fools? lol

Where exactly do you see an indication of 6 million rewards credits waiting to arrive?

Add me to this list as well, 600,000 K waiting. No message in my inbox on the game .

When you click Redeem on the website, the next message indicates that it may take 4 hours to receive the gifts. Helios specifically mentioned that extra load today might delay delivery longer:

The gifts are not deposited directly to your account - you must press A on the message to download the credits. See the Game FAQ section on Rewards:

Please use the Forza Rewards Discussion thread for further discussion: