Forza 5 reward progression not updating with the progress I am making.

Hello, Forza 5 reward progression is not updating with the progress I am making. The days played is stuck at 32 out of 50, I have earned a bunch of achievements and badges and yet I am stuck at the same level of progression.

Please some help, a fix, something.

im stuck on the same days. only on forza 5 though, horizon 2 was fine.

Yes Forza horizon 2 updates fines. But not Forza 5 :confused: for some odd reason.

Driver level 65 and 0 days played…looks like all other categories are updating.

Yeah I am at level 208 and I played well over 32 days… I have a feeling it will not get fixed…

I’ve the same issue. “Days played” for Forza Motorsport 5 is stuck.

It’s very annoying… I have a feeling they will not fix this issue…

please fix this guys

My days and cars not updating either hope they do something soon

Im having issues with my badges and titles updating on Forza 5. I have over 400 but am only showing 394 on rewards.

I’ve waited months, powecycled my console and followed the guides but no update yet. Any fix would be much appreciated.

Same problem there, stuck at 40days.

Same here - 46 days.

Closing in on 150 driver level and still NO days played…

Same here, nothing is updating in rewards for forza 5. Please fix because this is very frustrating.

Me too, stuck on 3 days. Horizon 2 is working fine though :frowning:

for me the achievements are updating, but im stuck at 48 days played and 19 titles short of maxing out (even though I know ive gotten enough to max it out)

Me too, everything has frozen.

Just started up my XBone yesterday with Forza 5. Got 3 cars from T10 [same as were given to players towards end of last year], around 2.3 million in credits from T10 which I think is a payment of credits I’ve claimed in 2014. Got all progression points, but none for days played. Sure it will register sooner or later and not a major issue anyway.

PS Ya I know I’ve started very late, but couldn’t leave Forza 4 behind [still wont]. F5’s a great game though and enjoy it big time so far.

Same here have got loads of points etc:; Won several championships, and am very close to the next tier upgrade, therefore the reward system not updating is now a real issue! Please can somebody look into this asap!!