Forza 5 Multiplayer medal achievements

Anybody get the Forza 5 multiplayer 325 medals achievement playing multiplayer with ai players and no actual players.

I don’t think you can get it via AI only, you won’t win a medal in those races. You will get credit for miles lead achievements though.

I believe it’s 325 Medals. Best way to to it is to team up with a friend, make a private lobby, set it to drag with maximum heats and add a few drivitars. Adding the drivatars ensures if you and your friend place 1st and second respectively, you will both receive medals. if it’s only the two of you, whoever gets first place will be the only one to get one.

you can knock it out relatively fast.

get a good tune and race online. just concentrate on keeping it on the track and you should pass enough people just flying off the track. if you need assists use them. you only have to finish in the top half to get a medal, you dont have to win the race.