Forza 5 Money

Hi guys I have not yet got an xbox one or forza 5 but before I play it I would like to know dome easy way to earn money. Or just some tips about the game or something.

Play the game. Credits are easy.


Hi Aido300

If you’re looking for a quick way to earn credits and level up, the fastest way I found is to go to the Free Play mode. Set your race with 15 opponents and then select the difficulty level you require. Set the number of laps as high as you want, the more distance you travel the more XP and credits you earn

For example:
X Class Cars
Spa Francorchamps
15 opponents
Difficulty: Unbeatable [don’t worry it sounds harder than it actually is especially in X Class cars]
Laps 20

Credits: 120,000 approx depending on your assist/difficulty multiplier. You also get bonus credits for sticking with the same car. This is known as an affinity level, this is separate to your driver level.
Driver Level Up = You. Affinity Level Up = Car
By using the free play mode, you could easily clock up 1 million credits in less than 7 hours. You can also just drive around the tracks on your own and earn credits plus the career mode gives you credits too. The most expensive cars are 2,000,000 credits but I think there is only a few at this price such as the Lotus E21 Formula One car.
I hope you enjoy Forza 5 and your new Xbox One :slight_smile:

One tip … purchase the VIP membership … credits earned for every level gained doubles from 35,000 to 70,000. (There are other good reasons for VIP as well.)

Credits are super easy. I have so many cars I don’t know what to drive next because you get one copy of each DLC car for free if you buy the DLC. Every month I accept my rewards through this website and get 1.5 million (TIER 6) of which I’ve collected 18 million since launch. As a VIP you get 70K credits every time you level up, or 35K credits if you are not VIP. Every couple of races I also increase my Manufacturer affinity and get money.

During all of this you are racing and earning cash as well.

Making money is super easy and you’ll be able to afford any car you want in no time.

The reply from tiger can also be used in private online against bots but im not sure if u can use any car u want

It’s FAR too easy to earn credits in this game. If you don’t have enough money, you’re simply not racing enough. Once you get all the cars though it just sits there and stacks up. Too easy IMO

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If you’re a previous Forza player don’t forget to hit the rewards button on this site once a month. Rivals also should yield some good money especially since you’d have no recorded times on the LBs yet.

Just play. It’ll add up.

Last time I looked I have like 85 million credits and more cars than I can drive. I didn’t do anything special. Level up your affinity with different manufacturers and it’ll increase the bonus credits you get, but other than that you just need to play the game.

play the game. This games throws credits at you like its going out of style. Every other forza I struggled to keep $1m. If I had $1m in the bank I was doing good. I think now I have $6-8m in Forza 5 and have nothing to spend it on. I would also like to add I have not put anywhere near the time I have in this forza as I have others.

free play- nurburgring or another LONG track…as many laps as you can stand…as high of level you can stand(opponents) and the most amount you can have(opponents). Turn off as much AIDE as you can… make some money.

Recommend X or P cars so you’re not spending the rest of your life lap to lap. VIP for sho…

Really, you don’t even have to do any of this, set the game to a lot of laps and opponents on super hard. Just play the game. Play career, have fun in free play, go on multiplayer, and if you’ve played past titles don’t forget about rewards. You get so much money in this game you don’t even need any of this grinding for credits nonsense. I have most of the cars I am interested in in the game in my garage and enough credits to buy every single car I don’t have and all I’ve done is play. I haven’t played nearly as much as others have and am sitting near 20 million credits.

rivals is easy money can make a million credits in just a short space of time…and its less stress than multiplayer, i havent bothered with single player apart from opening first races, 350 cars in the garage and over 20 million in credits which are of no use now

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