Forza 5 LE Codes

Are the codes for the Limited Edition region-free?

The safe assumption is ‘no’ and not too many - if any - here in these forums would be able to give you a definitive answer. If the seller is able to provide you with the fine print, that may help clarify; otherwise, I’d be weary of buying such codes.

What region are you in? Are there no LCE copies for retail in your area?

The Xbox One isn’t even available here in Singapore yet. What I meant was, if I bought the LE from the Microsoft Store, would I still be able to receive the LE content (cars) since I’m not using a US account?

Well, without that information in the first place, how was I supposed to know where you are from? That’s why I asked.

Anyhow. My response is the same in that it wouldn’t be safe to assume the codes are region free. With that, I suggest you contact the Microsoft store (since that is where you are making the purchase) and ask for their input. Again, nobody here will be able to give you a definitive answer - especially since we are talking about a console that has yet to release in your region.

I’m sure i’v seen people say they could as long as the code’s valid. but i can’t verify that at all as i never moved region’s & tried it first hand. but i’m pretty sure you’d get the LCE Car’s no problem as long as its a new un-used code. Best wait for a T-10 Admin to answer this question, they will know what region’s allow what & the term’s & condition’s & rule’s to the DLC In select country’s. I’m Very Very sure i’v seen someone collect what i thought said US Only, The DLC Mountain Dew Camero ZL1 From a promotion. & people were still getting them. but again i’m not 100% i’m 50/50 on it.

You’ll have no problems using the codes, but to use the Xbox One you’ll have to set your account to a country where the One is already available.

That’s why I’m not sure who to ask, Microsoft or Turn10. Microsoft may refer me to Turn10 since it may vary by publisher.

Xbox Live and the associated Marketplace content is managed by Microsoft’s Xbox team; so, give the Xbox support folks a call and see what they can tell you.

Since the Xbox One isn’t available in my region, I doubt the local support staff would be able to help. How can I contact the US side then?