forza 5 is more than a half game

hallo Folks and hallo turn 10.
i start this cause i had to think about what turn 10 offer to us.
actually i have to say forza 5 is a good racegame and you cant say its just a half game.
i just dont have the Motivation to Play it cause i miss the oppertunity for a bit more serious racing but this is whole different Story.

finally with some small design chances i would be very happy with the game.

but even you cant say its a half game , for Players who attend this brand for a longer time it is just a half forza.
and turn10 should have known that.
so i asked my self would i do it the same way? just under the aspect to make Money with the product i offer.
i am not talking about the game itsself i mean the marceting Placement.

i think at the end it would have been more profitable to bring forza 5 not as direct Sequel.
,more as a Transition and thats for free to every xbox1.
since you Need to buy a console i dont see a Problem for the Image and no danger that the community force the next forza should be free too.
so i dont see any disadvantages i see quite the opposide.

  • more xbox 1 sells
  • bigger community
    a good base for the next forza and its development
  • more tolerance for the game ( nobody could say something)
    -less stress for the developers
  • much more dlc sells (turn 10 could bring the game with less tracks and cars but could offer more dlc)(again nobody could say anything at least you can drive forza on a xbox1)
  • time to bring the whole forza experience to xbox1(at latest than the big Money would come)

i really just see Advantages for everybody. for turn10, the community and the game.
if i would be a developer i would think thats better for my vallet or is it totally wrong and you would loose so much Money if you do it this way?
just a honest question.

Thank you for your input. You can contact Turn 10 at

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