Forza 5 is it worth it ?

I recently bought a ps4 due to the fact Microsoft has given me nothing but problems over the years,(love hate relationship) and the fact the ps4 IMO is better than Xbox one. I still play forza 2 3 4 very frequently I love it so much it is very addictive. My question is should I blow a bunch of money on an xbone with forza 5 in the near future, or should I just wait for gt7 … Yes I said it

FM5 is pretty much a stripped down FM4 with shinier graphics, a “sharefront” replacing the storefront, gifting ability, and the auction house, and updated physics. The racing is still very addictive, but there’s less community involvment with all those absent features.

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You forget less cars and tracks then FM4. I would stick with FM4.

FM5 seems rushed and unfinished to make the console launch time period.

Well … throw this idea around in your skull: Horizon 2 will be out September 30th and Forza Motorsport 6 should be arriving in the fall of 2015.

That said, gaming - much like everything else - is an investment. If you are going to simply put a price tag on it based on the initial purchase, you’re not doing a very good job projecting your product usage. I’m not going to tell anyone how to spend their money and I think you should be able to compile enough information from the internet to make an informed, individual decision. Reign in your purchasing power ability and be a smart consumer. Asking a bunch of strangers what is or what is not “worth it” is the antithesis of this.


Forza 5 is pretty good but in some ways its a letdown from 4. That being said there will be a better reason to get a X1 soon since Horizon 2 comes out on September the 30th and it looks better then the first game in every way.

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You know what kind of replys you are going to get on the FORZA website. Here is my 2 cents.

I played Forza 1-3. I played GT4 when it came out and hated it because of how difficult it was. Stopped playing games for a couple years then got a PS3. I got GT6 because I thought I’d appreciate the more mature racing game since I am older. Boy, after a few weeks with GT6 I really started missing the Forza series. Grand Turismo feels so cold, I felt disconnected from my cars. Exhausts and collision sounds are absolutely embarrassing, you can’t freely look at cars (they spin around like in a showroom), a huge amount of cars have TOTALLY BLACK interiors (no features at all). So many of these things phelped me go back to Xbox for the current generation.

The only clear cut pro of GT is the amount of content (tracks and cars).

I am never buying a GT game again until they rehaul the content again and fix the sound. I just feel more involved with what is going on in Forza and that makes it more fun. I would say wait for Forza 6 as it will probably be out at least the same year as GT7? Wait to get an xbox then since you are waiting anyway.

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Yea I’ll prob sit out on forza 5 and wait for forza 6 didn’t realize it was comming out so soon

Plus if you buy an Xbox One, you can get notified every time Shadow Edge starts broadcasting by following or friending him, and you can watch his videos!


Nailed it!

well, thats a question only you can answer. it depends on your budget and if you want to use it solely for Forza.

I usually do the following math before i buy a gadget in the mid-/high-price range: make a rough prediction of how many hours you gonna use your new toy during its lifetime, and then divide this by the total cost. Here is an example, lets say a new TV set would cost me 3000$, i excpect it to last at least 5 years before i’m going to replace it and I would spend about 4 hours per day watching TV. That results in roughly 7300 hours of usage during its lifespan. calculate that with the cost of the TV and it would give you a “hourly entertainment rate” of about 40 cents per hour.

So go ask yourself how many hours you gonna put into Forza 5, based on your experience with the former titles and divide by the cost of the hardware. and then decide if the price for a hour of forza-fun justifies buying the hardware for a solely purpose.

As an amateur photographer i often succumb to GAS (Gear Acquisition Syndrome), the urge to buy more expensive gear (very common amongst photogs g). I’m using this math to get the “cost per picture taken” rate, and that often lead me to the decision that i dont really need need another piece of expensive glass right now :wink:

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Well, seeing how Project Cars is on PS4 as well, I wouldn’t bother then. It comes out in November. Perhaps when FM6 comes out (probably next year in November), you revist this thought.

This, as long as project cars lives up to its hype!

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Forza is no longer any good if you enjoy doing races. Its pretty awesome if you like drifting, playing tag, painting, and doing 2-3 laps sprints.

I’m opposite to yourself - considering moving over to the dark side

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Here here. Finally someone else that seems that FM is falling on its face. Worse off now is there is more competition if you don’t care about the car customization or livery editor.

I have had every Forza game since the original Xbox, Forza Motorsports 1. I even bought Forza Horizon and had fun with that, but FM is turning into a Forza Horizon, but short lapped track racer version. Thanks but if that’s what Forza Mortorsports in turning into, I’ll but Forza Horizon or of the other games coming out soon.

Yes, you’re right, you get to enjoy a plethora of 2-3 lap races with the occasional 4 lap race if you play only career league races. There is so much more to do in the game. You can play multiplayer in the hoppers, play with friends or others in custom lobbies, compete in rivals, hang out in free play, build and tune cars, paint cars…

The amount of cars is about half of Forza 4 but there is still plenty of cars to work with in the game to have fun. Lots of cars that were removed you won’t miss, and the others will most likely come to us as the franchise ages and the developers have time to rebuild them. The amount of track is also less, but again, I believe in the next game we will have way more tracks. Hopefully, some of these will be new and many will be the best from the past.

I think the game is tremendous fun, especially if you can find the game of the year edition or buy a disc used on ebay - you know they’re there. IT’s worth every penny.

If you have to ask if it is worth it, then no.

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It depends… me personally I like the game but I don’t love it. If I didn’t have my friends to keep me company while playing i wouldn’t be playing it anymore. It’s not because of any one thing holding me back from loving but a lot of small things that are making me get my gaming fix elsewhere lately. I love community based games and this game has little or now way to communicate during races because of audio issues all the time. Also I enjoy making cars for people to let them be competitive in races or on leaderboards and if u don’t get a great car out there right away unfortunately it won’t get downloaded much because the search features are so clunky. How many people know that if u simply click the search button with no fields filled out it will take u to the most recent shared tunes or paints.

Now those aren’t all the negatives but i dont have time to name them all.

Positives are also out there if u can look past the negatives. The physics and graphics are second to none. The sounds of the engines (unless they are re messing up) are spot on with most cars. Would I still recommend this game yes but be aware it isn’t perfect but still has its fun moments.


Strictly for FM5? No.

For the other games coming to Xbox One? Yes. There seems to be, IMO, more quality games coming out for the xbox one than PS4 atm.

However if you only want to race and that’s you’re only passion, then I’d wait. I really wouldn’t buy it for Horizon 2 if you’re a big fan of the previous 3 motorsport series. Odds are that game will get boring to you after about 2-3 months assuming you’re more of a realistic car racer fan.

Now for FM6? I’d wait until it is officially announced and details come out about the game and make your decision then. I think that is the game that’ll make or break the series since I think many are willing to give T10 a pass for FM5.

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All of this^^^^^^. If Forza is the only reason you’d be getting the XB1 then there really is no point, yes Forza 5 has it’s good and bad offerings but spending 450-490 dollars just for Forza 5 is crazy.

Personally I’d just wait it out and see what Forza 6 is going to offer but if and only if all you want the XB1 for is the next gen of Forza series.

i have all the so called top titles for xb1 and forza is the only game i really enjoy,the graphics and the sounds are far better than fm4 but as johnson said the game has issues ( so have all the xb1 games bf4 is a nooo) but i have gone back to fm4 and juggle between fm4 and fm5…i paid £600 for my forzabox 1 and was it worth it mmmm yeah it keeps me amused most of the time :slight_smile: