forza 5 drift leaderboard

os there a drift leaderboard or just a leaderboard that you can view?? if so where and does it count for al circuits or just for rivals cuz i dont find rivals leaderboards i want forza 4 leaderboards back and clubs

FM5 Game FAQ: Where are the Drift leaderboards?

that really is unbelieveble what did you guys put in that the people really wanted ?? about 5% ?? clubs,leaderboards,storefront,action house,fujimi kaido and so many other tracks aren’t even in it come on those were the thing that forza was all about and you just dumped it ?? [Mod Edit - profanity is not allowed - MM] that was so big i hope forza 6 or horizon 2 is gonne be beter if not wel im stopping with buying forza i spend 1500hours on forza 4 but i geuss im only gonne spend 100max to forza 5