forza 5 does not allow players to save more than 6 tunes on any x class cars combined

hi , my name is sam , gamer tag ; XB1 SAMS RACING , FORZA 5 is not allowing players to save all the tunes needed to run the hundreds of tracks the game offers , for example i have the top leaderboard x class lotus e1 and the # 9 honda indy car , i have 6 oval tunes for the honda and cannot save any other tunes for any other cars in x class unless i delete one of my leaderboard tunes to save it , this is happening all thru game , having to delete top tunes to save another , we never had this problem in FORZA 4 , also the lack of the storefront and ability to gift and share tunes and designs with team and friends is a serious problem , WHEN FORZA 4 WAS DESIGNED THEY KNEW WHAT THE GAMER NEEDED AND WANTED , now FORZA 5 DESIGNERS HAVE REMOVED THOSE VALUABLE FEATURES , WHAT WERE YOU GUYS THINKING ??? , i am very disappointed along with thousands of others as to the lack of these important details that made FORZA 4 still the BEST RACING GAME EVER TO DATE , THE FORZA NAME IS BEING DESTROYED AMONG PRO GAMERS AND EVERYONE IS LOOKING TOWARDS OTHER TYPES OF GAMES NOW , this is just a few of the current issues trust me there are more but i do not want to take time to type them all here , MICROSOFT WATCHOUT , THE GAME ‘PROJECT-CARS’ IS ALL ALL THE 100’S OF THOUSANDS OF RACING GAMERS CAN TALK ABOUT NOW , when this game releases in march of 2015 all of the forza games will be a like a ghost town , GET YOURSELVES TOGETHER AND DESIGN A NEW FORZA 6 OR 7 THAT HAS ALL THE FEATURES OF FORZA 4 BUT BETTER CARS , TRACKS , AND PICTURE QUALITY , CIRCUIT , P2P , OVALS AND DRAG ARE WHAT PEOPLE WANT ,

The restriction is 300 saved tunes in total. You can allocate those 300 to any cars, classes you want to.

That’s unfortunate. Most players won’t play enough to have 300 tuning setups, but this limitation would be a bummer for the most hardcore players that own every car and have more than one tune for their cars. It would be a shame to fail to appease the most important player - the dedicated, hardcore Forza fanatic.

Please, please, please use the wishlist threads.

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