Forza 5 Continually crashing to Xbox One Home Screen - New Buyers Beware!!

I have had Forza 5 for two days and have only been able to play a few hours because now whenever I try to launch a race in single player it starts to load and crashes the home screen.

I have uninstalled and reinstalled twice and also tried to make sure the Xbox boots from totally off and have had no success.

Essentially the game is unplayable at this point and I would advise anyone looking to purchase this game to wait until there is a fix from Turn 10 Studios.

I have search for a fix and have not found one along with a response from Turn 10.

Would have liked not to post this in a public forum but unfortunately Turn 10 does not give you the ability to contact them directly.

Hopefully someone will reach out and help.

Have you tried resetting your gamesave?

No I have not tried that but that is not a solution. From a customers point of view that means I have to reset my progress and their is no guarantee it will not happen again therefore making the game unplayable. Why would I want to keep starting over again and again.

Unless someone can show me that doing this has worked and fixed the problem permanently it is not a solution.

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Did you waited until FM5 install was reaching 100% before starting it the first time?

I got a crash problem last weeek. I reinstalled it (waiting for the 100%) and now the game work properly

So you don’t have a solution, yet refuse to try something to find said solution. Yeah sounds like your on the right track, bud. News flash, forza uses cloud storage. Delete your whole gamertag off the Xbox and reload. I had same issues a few months back. Not anymore. Also, buyer beware is misleading because it is not a widespread problem, therefore nobody needs to ‘beware’.

I disagree.

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Agreed, it is wide spread. However it is not isolated to just Forza 5. This is an Xbox One issue.

I too was experiencing some crashing to the dashboard. This is not isolated to just Forza 5. If you do a google search for “Xbox One Crash to Dashboard” you will find several results.

This is likely due to a memory leak. The RAM does not properly flush when the system is in sleep mode. The workaround for now is to do a full shut down. Shut down the machine and unplug it. allow it to fully power down (count to 30) then plug it back in and resume playing.

This will not make the issue go away completely. But it is a work around for until MS patches this issue.

I am having the same issues … I got up to the 1st race …played then it said installing but it just plays the title screen over and over it doesn’t give me the chance to press A I’m going to delete then reinstall

I have to unplug my X1 and let it sit for a few minutes at least once a week. I find that it takes care of 99% of my issues every time.


I thought this meant that the system for whatever reason did not update (maybe a different game was in the console and game/console did not handshake), but swap discs, power cycle, all ok.

I still think Microsoft should make these things obvious, and stop with the undercover operations, or at least send us messages to keep us on top of these things. I shouldn’t spend $500 and have to ever worry that something is wrong.

I think being able to easily find the issue on the internet is obvious enough but OK… on another note, if you buy a car for $500 you shouldn’t expect problems out of it either? In that case if you buy a brand new Prius the accelerator should never stick… well it shouldnt but it did. Reality check, everything has issues.

You know what he meant

This is the recommended work around from Microsoft. It works for me as well.

I will start doing this after every update in the future, it solved sound problem for me after the last MS update

Hi Guys,

Still having problems. Did full install to 100%, reset cloud data (lost 2 hours of play), unplug the Xbox One, etc.

Still crashes when loading races, sometimes can’t get past the Forza 5 Home Screen.

Meanwhile Titanfall works perfectly with zero issues.

And the problem is widespread as if you look at the posts in the forum every 10th post is about crashing plus there is this thing called google.

No issues here as a new owner…but havent played much past the first few days.

I haven’t had any problems with my X1 playing Forza 5, Max Curse of The Brotherhood or Metal Gear V. You definitely shouldn’t put “buyer beware” in the title of this post.