Forza 5 Cloud sync

I’m a little bit worried i logged onto forza 5 5 mins ago and it wont sync my cloud i had to choose the play offline option,is ths something i should be concerned about or will it sort itself out ?

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Did you try logging out of LIVE and then back in? Some of us had a notice here earlier today about LIVE being unable to synch with our gamertag information. It seems to be Xbox, not necessarily FM5.

Yeah i tried logging off and even reset my router but its still not syncing,ill give it an hour and try again i just wasnt sure if it was a forza problem or microsoft problem but if other people are getting this then im a little happier as its not a problem down to something ive done.

Ok thanks for you’re reply my minds a little more reassured now.

do a hard reboot. turn off the console by holding your finger over the console power button (not the controler or kinnect) untill it shuts off then turn it back on. it should take longer than normal to start back up. its resetting everything and clears up most logging in problems.

Or give Xbox Support a call (or message them). The Cloud is their baby on Xbox LIVE.

I just had same error message. I won’t worry about it unless I still get it tomorrow.

I too had this yesterday but i think it has sorted itself out today.

Happened to me the day before yesterday as well and it sorted itself out as well man.

Happened to me the day before yesterday as well and it sorted itself out as well man.

Hi folks.
I had the same problem this week. Firstly, all I got was the Sync Wheel.
That happened eight times in a row. (I even left it to sync overnight on two occasions).
I tried cold starts, router resets, etc.
Then I deleted the local save (scary). Then the same thing happened with the (cursed) eternal spinning wheel.
A new local save autostarted, for a new game… and the opening credits with the voice of that nice man from England blaring through my sound system. I thought I lost it all!
I quit the game that started.
I repeated the delete of the local save about three times, knowing that what I had in the cloud ‘should’ have all, if not most, of my game-play data. At least the cloud data was dated (a relatively recent 22Sep14).
Finally, after three days, just when I was about to give it up and retire from Forza 5, I thought I would give it one more crack, this time launching it, not from “my pins”, but from the icon in the home menu to launch it from disc.
The familiar “you need to sync again” options were presented (and I sighed) with either the Local, or the Cloud. I chose the cloud (again) (ready for disappointment…).
In a few minutes, to my surprise I got the “Syncing data…” screen that had the progress bar… it was sitting at 1%.
I didn’t have to delete the game from my console. Nor did I have to delete the DLC.
So save yourselves the heartache and that trouble of attempting a complete uninstall and just be patient and persist.
It might take longer if you have heaps of cars and credits and completions and tune set ups and liveries etc.
It took 20 minutes thereafter to Sync fully to 100%.
Now everything is back.
I think the problem was caused by that Kardashian girl’s attempt to break the internet, but in reality I think this sorta thing can be prevented if I didn’t leave it so long between laps.