Forza 5 cloud/local saves: 1 gamertag, 2 consoles?

My son and husband have spent a LOT of time building up the Forza profile on Forza 5. They have all of the DLC cars, the LCE, VIP etc. and they have used tokens to “Accelerate XP” on the Indy oval countless times; so many, in fact, that as of this post, they have only 35 cars left to purchase out of ALL the cars in the game, including all of the DLC cars and “code” cars! Yes. They’ve been busy, and they are both OCD where it comes to being “completists” - in my son’s case, he has autism and this plays a major role in the desire to buy all of the cars. He doesn’t quite grasp the concept that he can see a car in the game but he can’t use it.

As a surprise, I am considering buying a second Xbox One for the bedroom so that my husband can play when my son is asleep, or no interested in playing Forza 5 at the moment. What I’d like to do, is re-download all of the DLC we’ve already paid for (which, so far, is ALL of the DLC available) and access it on the second console, much like you can do on the Xbox 360.

My concern is this; how will ‘sharing’ one save between two consoles (same gamertag) potentially affect the save? If my son plays Forza 5 on his console, and the save syncs normally as it always does; and then a few hours later, my husband plays Forza 5 on his console, will the previous save be automatically picked up from the cloud? AND, more importantly, once my husbands finishes playing and logs off, and my son plays Forza 5 later, will HIS console automatically pick up the save from the cloud without issues OR added steps? I know with the Xbox 360, you have to re-sign in with your credentials after having logged into Xbox Live on another console. I do not want to add additional steps to loading and playing games for my son. With his autism it could cause problems if something needs to be done and he doesn’t understand what is going on with the game.

If there is potential for problems with the game save, I will probably have him create a new profile to avoid damaging the cloud save, which would suck, since my husband would lose access to all of the DLC (although I’m sure he would be okay with this as a requirement for him getting his own Xbox One).

What do you guys think? Are there any moderators/T10 reps (or others who have experienced this issue) who have suggestions or advice here? Thanks!

you’ll be fine. just have hubby sign in from the second console but dont recover the acount to it which will move the live gold to the bedroom console so you nor your son wont be able to play online, netfix, ect from the living room console. who ever’s game tag was signed in at the time gold was subscribed to it the gold will migrate to the console that is their primary console. when he does sign in to the new console for the 1st time i think he will have to redownload (for free) all the dlc content. only one account to live at a time so if they are both playing at the same time only one will have access to the dlc, dlc requires you to be online. have you husband treat the console like he was playing at a friends house rather than the home console.

if they both try to sign into live at the same time it signs the other console out. if they both want to play at the same time have one play career mode, tuning, painting, etc or some other single player function while the other person plays the online stuff.

Each person can pick which console is their home console. The living room xbox can be dad’s and bedroom xbox can be son’s. (I’m assuming dad and son each have their own gamertag and XBox Gold membership) Each person can sign in on either console.

Pretty sure all the DLC belongs to the gamertag, not to the console hardware. I’d expect the store should allow re-download of purchased DLC for $0 to the new console.

We have one Xbox One and 3 users with current Gold accounts on it. We find the DLC content I bought is available to anyone (at least anyone with a current XBox Live Gold membership) but the garages and race stats are all separate.

Tell your son “Good luck and good racing” on his way to those last 35 cars… and the next 10 or so in March, and in April… and so on! :slight_smile:

They will share the gamertag on BOTH consoles. I am sure that access to all of the DLC wont be an issue.

My main concern is the game save itself. Here’s the scenario:

  1. Son plays Forza 5 on console (1). Save goes to the cloud, console is OFF.

  2. Husband plays Forza 5 about an hour later. Will console (2) pick up the cloud save, add to its progress, save to cloud, console OFF?

  3. THEN, son plays Forza 5 after husband played on console (2). Will console (1) pick up the cloud save from console (2) without missing s beat?

The reason i ask is, if loading the game AND the save on my son’s console will cause ANY problems or additional steps to recover the save, i will have my husband create a new GT in order to avoid corruption of my son’s save (too much time and $$$ to lose

double post.

it will miss a beat for a few seconds but no real problem. it’ll saying syncing account for a few seconds while it updates the game save on the other console. that way if your husban has earned any credits or bought any cars both consoles will have access to the new content.

This is what I was hoping. I will probably add my profile on both my son’s Xbox One and the 2nd console, and create a game save on MY profile on my son’s console first, pick it up on my husband’s console, and test it back and forth a few times to make sure this will work without issue. The reason I’m SO concerned (and please understand my OCD regarding the game save) is because my son is autistic and if he sees a car, or a track, or other feature on OTHER games in the menus, he doesn’t understand why he can’t USE that car/track/thing in the game (until it’s been unlocked). As long as my husband is racing with him and unlocking new cars by earning $$ Credits (we’ve used LOTS of tokens accelerating XP), he seems to be okay. As of this posting, there only 34 cars left to purchase in the game (about half of them over $1,000,000 credits) not counting new DLC car packs and VIP gift cars. I don’t want to risk messing up all of this progress (and neither does my husband, although so far it’s been an ‘academic’ discussion, since he doesn’t know I’m thinking about getting him an Xbox One).

Do not tempt fate.

There are many posts of folks having the anti-piracy system simply erase the game save when the integrity of the save comes into question.

Understand that if the Forza game save algorithm suspects that the save has been intercepted in any way the default behavior is to simply purge it.

When this happens T10 and XboxLive! support will simply say ‘oops - start over’.

The chance of you putting the game save into some unknown sync position is very real with the setup you have described.

Notice how none of the folks giving you advice to simply rely on the console to manage the game actually play their game this way.

My free advice is do not do it.

Well…that settles that. No sharing the save between consoles.