Forza 5 California Drifter achievement

I’m trying to get the Forza 5 California Drifter achievement for getting 15,000 drift points on 1 lap anybody got any suggestions.

In the same boat

My buddy got it, you need to do it on Long Beach track (which I don’t know) but my guess it’s the full track

I think that SatNiteEduardo posted a link to a video on his successful attempt. Just try a search on his posts.

Hope this helps because it is a tough achievement to get.

EDIT: I think you can also go to the leaderboards and watch how its done. Also, if you do a search using “California drifter” you will see many posts and suggestions to get the achievement.
EDIT#2: here is the youtube link from SatNiteEduardo:

If you are not fussed about it being a dirty lap you can use rewind while doing it which might make it easier if you mess up on a corner.

That’s great news, thanks for the tip. I’m an awful drifter and want to knock off this and the timed Nurburg GP one before it runs out.

Just confirming that you can get credit for rewinding and having a dirty lap even if you already have a clean lap on the Nurburgring one too. I really tried to get the Ring with a clean lap. Same with the Long Beach one really. I got decent scores on both clean but just not quite there.

If you have turned a clean lap already in a session, back out of the session and come back in. If you have a clean lap in a session, turning a dirty lap will not count (except for maybe if you hit pause immediately after crossing start/finish but why take that chance). You have to just jump in the session and start turning dirty laps for the dirty lap to count.

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This makes sense and I think your right, I remember when I finally unlocked the achievement it was in a new session with only a dirty lap run.

Thanks…this info will help others.

I need to get this as well.

this is seriously the hardest achievement for me in this game, I just can not get that high of a score…
I’m not a drifter, and my fingers twitch uncontrollably at times, and there is nothing I can do about that, and it affects me every single time. I still haven’t even managed one single perfect drift in FM5 yet. :confused:

This has nothing to do with this achievement, but the Aston Zagato d’Est (or whatever it’s called) is easy to drift with STOCK. I’m not a good drifter–I just don’t see the point of it–but I accidentally got some perfect drifts with this car in a Rivals drift @ Road America. I even managed to get the 7000+ drift score badge (/achievement?) in this car because it’s so drift-friendly stock for people who don’t particularly enjoy drifting. Might be worth giving a shot for some perfect drifts if you want them.

don’t feel bad I love drifting but im not a drifter either =/

15K in one round is way too much Imo. Have watched countless youtube videos about it and read every solution, Never seen or read anybody getting 16k in a round.

Apparantly what you need to do is get perfect drift scores on all turns to get over the 15k. This is only possible when you use the rewindbutton at almost all of the turns.

I’ve seen one guy doing it in one run without rewinds, but that guy is not from this planet.

Really don’t like it when developers put achievements in dlc which has nothing to do with the original game (Bioshock: Infinite hord mode, Dishonored with it’s trials and now this game with its drifting for experts only achievement).

Nobody bought the game for a drifting experience, so why they come up with this achievement completely puzzles me. I now have two choices; have it at 87 out of 88 achievements won, or rewind for hours in a row till I get the top drift scores on every turn.

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My video linked earlier is on a no rewind run. It took many attempts, I admit but its possible if people adjust. I had to find the right tune and drop my speed.

There are a lot of people who buy this game to drift. A lot of guys that start as drifters become fast racers. I am fortunate to have a few as friends, and even they are having a hard time with this challenge.

What makes it difficult is how it cuts off your count early on most turns and won’t give you anything on the giant sweeping right at the start/finish. I’ve put a couple full days into this, watched the videos, dowloaded the tunes, and am still about 1500 point shy. It’s possible and I’ll get it someday.

Try asking for some tips from someone that has it in multiplayer. How will you know they have it? They will have it as their picture. Wouldn’t you.

My 2c… Downloaded one of the known tunes for a drift car, loaded the track, sat back on the couch for a grind and then:

  • unlimited rewinds will dirty the lap but still count towards the cheevo
  • once you finish drift in 1 corner, let the points rack up, stop, reverse and line up for the next
  • the last double lefthander (towards hairpin); take that a 1 long turn
  • the last hairpin gives 2 drift “areas”; the exact hairpin and 60 yards after the hairpin

Turn 1: 1900 points
Roundabout: 900 points
Next 2 righthanders: 1700 & 1900 points
Next left: 1900 points
Next right: 1500 points
End of straight right: 1400 points
Double lefthander: 3100 points
Hairpin: 800 points
After hairpin: 200 points

Total tally: almost 15300 points for a dirty lap with about 50 rewinds. After crossing finish line, pause game, look at points, if more than 15K and dirty, just end the event and the cheevo will pop.

I’ve read all the posts and I agree with them, but my main grieve is still there.

To get 15k in one lap most people (will not put any percentage as this is a sure way to get flamed) have to rewind a lot as the drifttracker (is this a word?), only works on specific parts of the track.

To look at guides which state you should get at least so many points in turn X and when you get it you should backtrack so to make another X points on the next turn, is in my opinion prove that the score to get is set way too high.

The way I see it, it should be more like; First run I didn’t even come close without using rewind. Second attempt I still didn’t come close with using rewind on some turns. Third attempt I got close whith a lot more rewinds. After that I would figure out a way where to get more points.

But a lot of people already have figured this out, and with abusing the rewindbutton a lot it will take you from 15 minutes till a couple of hours (depending on your driftingskill), to just get the 15k in one round.

That’s the reason I stated that 15k is just too much. 12k and a drifttracker which doesn’t abruptly end would still be hard enough, and wouldn’t getting this achievement into an exact science experience for a lot of people.

Just my two cents. Really liked this game till I tried to get this achievement and I used all the recommended cars with the according tune and still failed everytime :frowning:

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It’s a difficult achievement to obtain if you’re new to drifting or just don’t drift very often. 15,000 especially on the Long Beach circuit is a high score. But I guess it wouldn’t really be a achievement if it was easy. I have a tune for both a Nissan Skyline R34/Nissan GTR that I could upload if people need a little bit of help, just ask and I will upload either one :slight_smile:

But obviously it’s going to take a bit of practice and patience.

Haven’t even tried to get the other drift achievement yet so I will not try this one for a while would be nice to get it though since I got all the other achievements that came with this expansion would be nice if we would get one more set of achievements with another DLC track.

For all of you talking about rewinding to get your score up. well you are way off base. Once you rewind your lap is dirty and therefore does not qualify for a clean lap. This will put you on the dirty lap leader board. Just keep trying. Peace