Forza 4 Servers are down?

Why servers are down again? When will they come back online? I got a question,i was on a bid,i was the winning bid and only 30 mins were left,will the bid continue while server is down or will stay “paused” till the server come online again?

I keep getting that message too! Every time I try to auction a Tesla, I get the “server down” message. I could understand it if it just won’t let me auction it because it came from a DLC or something; but then, there are lots of cars out there in the Auction House that have come from DLC. So, what gives?

You cannot auction or gift either the Tesla or Nissan Leaf, both have 0.0l displacement and are not accepted by the sell/gift system.

Timer keeps running regardless of the servers running or not - some bargains have been snapped up when the servers/Live have gone done in the past, maybe you will be lucky.

is the servers ever going to come back on ??

They’re workin’ fine on my end.

maybe i had a poor connection last night

I cant access my Storefront for the last 2 days ?

I Run a Forza 4 Racing League in South Africa and its the only League and i have allot of Racers and interests I am trying to keep Forza Name High but how am i suppose to do that with Crap like this SERVERS UNAVAILABLE ? O If any one wants to join my league check out Facebook SA Real Racing.

clear xbox cache to speed up xbox operations and power cycle router/modem