Forza 4 Save Game Restore

I moved to a new apartment 2 months ago & accidentally turned off my Xbox as it was still loading my profile from the USB stick I use (forgot it was on a switched outlet). I lost every save game for all my games (close to 40000 gamer points & 11+ years of XBL membership going back to original Xbox). I have every achievement on FM4 except for 2. 1 of those achievements (win gold on every track/race) I was 53.7% completed (all world championships done most importantly) & I was looking forward to finishing it up to 100% this year. However, my USB stick was absolutely destroyed (I tried to restore using USB restore program in my PC, no dice). However, I was thinking that the Turn 10 FM4 XBL database might have a record from the last login of what I completed, what cars, etc… Even if it was just a partial restoration, anything would be helpful.
Is there any way Turn 10 can help me out here or am I just completely out of luck? I probably won’t restart my journey if I can’t get some kind of restore for my FM4 save. My hopes aren’t high but it never hurts to ask.

thanks & best regards,
RoF 3rd Echelon

Sad to say, but no. T10 cannot restore your gamesave as it’s stored locally. Your gamer profile and achievements might still be recoverable, not sure how that works. Snowowl or fyerball would know more about that, but all your actual game info stored on the stick is lost. Sorry to hear that man, I feel for you.

All the achievements, Gamerscore, etc., are a function of Xbox LIVE and should still be there when you access LIVE with your original gamertag. See: Xbox Support If you have issues in doing that, use the “Contact Us” information on the lower-right of the page.

As for Forza Motorsport, your progress is saved locally at your own save location (generally the hard drive), and there is nothing Turn 10 or anyone else can do to recover it for you.

That sucks, that happened to me too.
I lost my game saves for all my games. I contacted Microsoft but there was nothing to do. Although, your on line records should still be there. In fact, all your on line status should be there.

I know how it feels. It took me years to accomplish what I’ve done, and now, since I’m playing 6 hours per week, it will be barely possible to get back everything I’ve lost.

By the way, did you lose your game saves on every profile? Cause I did.