Forza 4 online, some questions!

Hey everybody!

I got Forza 4 a couple of months ago and ever since then, I’ve been hooked. I love cars and realistic racing games, and I’ve played them a lot so I know I’m pretty decent at these kinds of games.

However, I played online for the first time ever yesterday, and the first thing I noticed is that everybody is better than me. I can play offline on the hardest settings and it’s feels like a rabbit vs a turtle race, but as soon as I get online, people are just better than me.

So I started wondering why, and the thing that I noticed is that more or less everybody brakes later than me, but still they can get around a corner perfectly. I’ve tried driving with similar cars as my opponents, and just braked just as much as they do and at the same time, but still they get around the corner perfectly while my car drives off the track.

I’ve never tuned any settings. Is that really that important?

What I need help with, is how do I get competitive in the online section of the game? Can anybody help me with tuning my settings for my cars? What can I do?

Thanks in advance!

Tuning could be important, yes. Check out Tuner’s Lounge here on the forums. There you’ll find guides, or you can just let somebody else do the work for you.

a well tuned car makes alot of difference i could not race circuit races at all when i started . got sick of just getting in the way as i was getting lapped lol storefronts helped alot to start with but learning to tune for yourself and to your style of playing improves the game i think theres plenty of ppl willing to help and explain things on here thats what makes forza a game you cant leave alone. good luck and always remember to just enjoy urself