forza 4 drivers talent

i just started playing forza 4 again after not playing it in almost 3 years. even had to start a new account because i couldnt remember the password to my old email account. anyway, i guess my statement and question is this. the driving talent of the people that still play it has either improved monumentally, or the tunes have gotten so good that the cars just stick to the track like they’re on rails. now granted im a little rusty and could access none of my old cars but i still had my tunes wrote down in a notebook. so the question is did i miss out on some cutting edge tuning and if so…would any of you kind people fill me in. man, im DNF’ing on tracks with cars and tunes i used to at least finish up towards the front with

I’d say it’s a combination of both. If you want to see where you stand without tuning factored into the mix, go race Cycled Production or run a few times on the Spec Hot Laps leaderboard.

Did you contact XBOX Live to recover you old gamer tag and account?
You may still be able to restore it.
Content from Forza 3 can be transferred to Forza 4.

Welcome back to Forza 4.

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na. ill earn them back the old fashion way. i obviously need the practice before going back to live competition anyway. damn theses guys got good