Forza 4 Drifters, Read

So, since this game is old I don’t expect much else than we already have over here on Forza 4. At the moment I can get on Forza 4 and find a drift lobby filled with people I play with every day. It’s a small community but we’re all friends. Tandem lobby’s are always live. Limbo games come often. I personally host a lot of lobby’s and if I’m not hosting I’m in a good one. My XBOX LIVE gamer tag is: Hoonigan V8
Hello to all the regulars who play FM4 still and read forums. To anyone new come back to Forza 4 and drift with the coolest people you’ll meet.

Public lobbies are starting to get thin now. :frowning: Still a lot of good players in there though. :slight_smile: