Forza 4 disk stopped being recognized?

Hello everyone,

Has anyone had issues with their Forza 4 disk suddenly stop working?

A few months ago my Forza 4 disk stopped being recognized by my xbox. It was an original launch console, so I figured it was my drive going bad. So I got a slim; still no workie.

I then purchased a new copy. It works fine for a few months and now it stops being recognized. There are no scratches on both copies (I’ve even had them professionally “un-scratched”); and both of my 2nd disks aren’t recognized either.

Every single other game I have works perfectly.

I would buy it digitally, but it’s not offered. :confused:

Any ideas?

I don’t want to buy yet another copy, just to have it fail.

Have you looked at the centre of the disk to see if there is any cracks? The centre of disk where the hole is.