forza 4 auctions

I can’t sell cars i won in the auction house. Also, when i go to the store front, and buy vinyl groups and apply them to my cars, i then cant sell them in my action house because they have a locked vinyl group. So with that said how do i gain the rights to all of the vinyl groups that other people seem to be using and selling? Also, i lost a bid on a car. The person who outbid me then reposted the car on the auction house. How is that possible if i cant sell cars i won in the auction house. Thanks. Any help would be appreciated.

First off you have to go your upgrade section and uninstall the “tune”. As for the vinyls, the ones of us who sell cars with liveries or designs, have them by means of making them so we have them available to use. And then the car you lost, that person knew to take the livery and tune off to resell.

thanks so there is no way i can use any vinyles i buy from store front if i intened on placing them on cars and selling them. so the vinyles in the store front some of them don’t look homemade lile the monster drink stuff

If you want to auction off a car with a design or tune, you have to make it yourself. You can’t sell cars with someone else’s work on it.

You may think the sponsor logos are “too good to be home-made”, but they are. Lots of people, myself included, spend lots of time creating vinyl groups that have such a high level of detail that you’d swear they were made by computers. To some folks, “the details” really count because it brings a high degree of realism to the game. Making race car designs is a game within the game, and the most realistic designs are considered winners by some.

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