forza 4 auction house/store front ban. why???

can someone please tell me why I might of been banned from the auction house/ store front? I had a skyline r-34 I painted blue and put a design on it I made myself. the car was basically made to look like towlie from south park. I can’t see it being because of copyright because I see a lot of other characters on cars. on the side it said “don’t forget to bring a towel” so it was nothing offensive in any way. I put the car up in the auction house then within the next few hours it was under review then I got the ban message. I just don’t understand why I was banned. is it maybe because they seen it as a drug reference? either way I don’t really see it as fair when there was never a clear warning as to what you can and can not design.

Yes, Towlie, alright, with a drug pipe on the hood. Drugs are forbidden by the Xbox Live Code of Conduct, which we all agree to abide by when we create our Xbox Live accounts. That’s the warning.

Neither the bans nor the enforcement of the Code of Conduct are discussed on these forums. You may write an email to Turn 10, if you wish, but your first ban will be over by the time you receive a response.

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